We are now accepting applications for RA positions for Fall/Spring 2014/2015. Here you will find more information about the position, an application, and how to apply. Reviewing all of the information will help you submit a more professional application and be better prepared for the interview.

RAs are a critical part of our Housing and Residence Life community. Is it hard work? Yes, but it is also rewarding work. RAs have the opportunity to impact the lives of their residents while gaining valuable leadership skills that will transfer to any career. We invite you to consider this step as part of your college experience. Browse through the information provided, ask questions, talk to your current RAs and RDs, and think about how being an RA can make a difference to you, Residence Life, and ETSU.




 Application Process and Timeline:
1.Apply    Download application here and fill out. Applications must be received in the Department of Housing, 108 Burgin Dossett Hall, by TBA.

2.Individual Interview

Once your application is received and processed, we will contact you to schedule an individual interview time convenient for your schedule. 

3.Group Interview

The Resident Advisor Leadership Interview (RALI) is an important piece of the interviewing process. The days and times are set for TBA.

Applicants must attend the ENTIRE time on BOTH days. 

4.Notification  Applicants will be notified of decisions by TBA.