Other Benefits

Did you know that national statistics have for years indicated that students who live on campus during college tend to have higher GPA's, report higher levels of satisfaction with their college experience, report higher levels of engagement with the campus, and experience higher graduation rates than their off-campus counterparts?

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Check out some of these other great benefits of living on campus at ETSU:

Live-in support staff made up of professional Area Coordinators, Graduate and Undergraduate Hall Directors, and Resident Advisors all highly trained to help you.
Secure, ID card controlled access to living spaces, as well as other security features.
Rent is posted to your student account and can be easily paid with most financial aid packages.
All utilities, cable, internet, and telephone included in one rent payment.
Close proximity to classes, dining, social, and recreational spaces and events on campus.
Experience of living in a diverse environment of your peers.
Lifelong friendships with your roommates, neighbors, and classmates!