Transferring Credit

If you are planning to start your educational career at a community college then transfer to ETSU, there are a few transfer options to consider: Dual Admissions, Tennessee Transfer Pathways, Articulation Agreements or Course by Course Equivalency.   

Dual Admissions, Tennessee Transfer Pathways and Articulation Agreements are designed to provide you with a structured outline of courses to take at select community colleges to earn an associates degree  and  then transfer to ETSU to complete a bachelors degree. If none of these options are available at the community college of choice, your courses will be evaluated on a course by course basis to determine if they will transfer to ETSU and how they apply to the curriculum at ETSU.

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Tennessee Transfer Pathway
Tennessee Transfer Pathways are pre-major curricula in community-college programs that will lead to a seamless transfer to any public university in Tennessee. There is a common core of fully transferable general education courses among all Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) institutions. Once your general education courses are complete, you will then complete the degree, major and minor requirements at ETSU according to the catalog.
  • For a list of colleges/universities and approved programs, CLICK HERE

Articulation Agreement
If there is not a Tennessee Transfer Pathway available, you may be eligible to follow an articulation agreement. This agreement will allow you to take your first two years at a community college, earning an Associate's degree. Then those hours will transfer seamlessly to ETSU. You will enter your major as a junior without loss of credits and with no courses to duplicate at ETSU. You will be well on your way toward earning that Bachelor's degree. There may be additional courses that must be completed to meet degree, major and minor requirements at ETSU. 

  •  For more information and a list of colleges with Articulation Agreements, CLICK HERE

Course by Course
If you are transferring from an institution not in Tennessee or if none of the above options are available, then you can evaluate how your courses will transfer on a course by course basis. *Not all institutions or all courses are listed in the transfer equivalency table. 

  •  To view the transfer course equivalency table, CLICK HERE 
  • Pick the state that the institution was located in and then choose the name of the institution.

Dual Admission Program
The ETSU Dual Admission Program is available to transfer students from select Tennessee community colleges. It offers a structured, guaranteed pathway for progressing from an Associate's Degree at a community college directly to a Bachelors Degree at ETSU. Students get personal contact with advisors at both institutions during the program along with transition support services

  •   For more information or to find a listing of Tennessee Community Colleges with Dual Admission Programs, CLICK HERE