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Drop-in Tutoring

Drop-in tutoring in the CFAA is designed to meet the needs of students in difficult, high-enrollment courses where skilled tutors are often scarce. Tutors meet with one or more students; the agenda usually depends upon the participants questions and needs. Sometimes, but not always, drop-in sessions are connected to a specific course section. In these cases, the agenda will also be dictated by what is going on in the the class that week.

Attending these sessions requires no appointment or registration, but you must be willing to actively participate in order to get the full benefit from this form of tutoring: bring your books, your notes, and most importantly, your questions!

Spring 2015

All sessions take place in the Center for Academic Achievement (CFAA) on the first floor of Sherrod Library. The groups may meet at a table in the main area or in one of the meeting rooms -- ask at our main desk in order to find your group.

All of these sessions are open for 90 minutes unless otherwise stated.

Most of these sessions will meet at tables in the Center for Academic Achievement's CFAA) main room, or one of the small group rooms in the CFAA (e.g. CFAA 128).

If you arrive and do not see any of your fellow students, please ask someone at the main tutoring desk, on your right just past Einstein's Bagels, where your session is meeting. Call 423-439-7111 for more detailed questions/instructions.

Biology for Majors 1 (BIOL 1110)

Group meets on Mondays @ 6 pm beginning Feb. 9 in the CFAA (Leader: Chris)

Biology for Majors 2 (BIOL 1120)

Group meets on Tuesdays @ 5:30 pm beginning on Feb. 10 in the CFAA (Leader: Chris)

General Chemistry 1 (CHEM 1110)

Group meets on Mondays @ 3:45 pm beginning Feb. 9 in the CFAA (Leader: Katie)

General Chemistry 2 (CHEM 1120)

Group meets on Sundays @ 5 pm beginning Feb. 15 in the CFAA (Leader: Ian)

Introduction to Microbiology (HSCI 2230)

Group meets on Sundays & Wednesdays @ 3 pm beginning Feb. 1 in the CFAA (Leader: Vanessa)

Physics 1 (PHYS 2010)

Group meets on Tuesdays @ 6 pm (75 min.) beginning Feb. 10 in the CFAA (Leader: Mary Beth)

Physics 2 (PHYS 2020)

Group meets on Thursdays @ 1:30 pm beginning Feb. 5 in the CFAA (Leader: Dustin)

Probability & Statistics (MATH 1530)

Tuesdays @ 7 pm beginning Feb. 3 in CFAA 128 (Leader: Thomas)

Thursdays @ 10:30 am beginning Feb. 5 in CFAA 128 (Leader: Aastha)

Sundays @ 4 pm (two hours) beginning Feb. 8 in CFAA 130 (Leader: Mike)

Spanish (all levels)

Drop-In Tutoring available Tuesdays 2-5 pm and Thursdays 11 am to 1 pm

in the CFAA (Tutor: Lee-Ann)



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