Information for Students

Taking ETSU Course Tests

To make an appointment to take a test, quiz, or exam in a course at ETSU, go to and select ETSU Class Tests - Fall 2015.

If you haven't taken a test in the CFAA before, please familiarize yourself with our policies regarding electronic devices, prohibited items, and prohibited clothing, etc., at (Student Guidelines for Course Testing).

Taking the CCTST (Senior Exit Exam)

The CCTST (California Critical Thinking Skills Test), the assessment formerly know as the ETSU Senior Exit Exam, is offered on most days that Testing Services is open. Go here for more information about the CCTST itself and what types of questions you can expect. To make an appointment to take the CCTST, go to and select ETSU Senior Exit, CCTST.

Taking the GRE, ACT, PRAXIS, LSAT or other national tests

Testing Services offers numerous national tests, some in the CFAA, some in classroom buildings across campus in large paper-and-pencil administrations in. More information and links to sites for registration can be found on our Standardized Tests page.

Taking a Non-ETSU Test that Requires Testing Center Proctoring

Go to and select Proctored Exams (Distance Learning).


If you have other questions or concerns about Testing that are not addressed here, feel free to call Testing Services at 423-439-6708 or email us at .

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