East Tennessee State University

Graduate Council

Annual Report

2012- 2013


Graduate Council Membership

Voting Members

Russell Brown, Ph.D., College of Arts & Sciences

Stacy D. Brown, Ph.D., College of Pharmacy

Scott W Champney, Ph. D., College of Medicine, Chair

Emmett M. Essin, Ph.D., Faculty Senate

Eric S. Glover, Ph.D., Member-at-Large, Clemmer College of Education

Donald B. Hoover, Ph. D., College of Medicine

Marie Jones, Ed.D., Charles C. Sherrod Library Administration

Jeff R. Knisley, Ph.D., Member-at-Large, College of Arts & Sciences

Lori Marks, Ph.D., Clemmer College of Education

Robert P.  Pack, Ph.D., College of Public Health

Laura Pepper-Weiler, Graduate & Professional Student Association

Martha M. Pointer, Ph.D., College of Business and Technology

Kathleen M. Rayman, Ph.D., College of Nursing

Colleen Scott, Graduate & Professional Student Association

Marie Tedesco, Ph.D., School of Continuing Studies

Ester L. Verhovsek, Ed.D., College of Clinical and Rehabilitative Health Sciences

Florence M. Weierbach, Ph.D., Member At-Large, College of Nursing

Non-voting Members

Maria D. Costa, International Programs

William R. Duncan, Ph.D., Vice Provost of Research and Sponsored Programs

Karin Bartoszuk, Ph.D., Assistant Dean of School of Graduate Studies

Jeffrey P. Beck, Ph. D., Associate Dean of School of Graduate Studies

Queen Brown, Graduate Studies Office Manager

Marsh Grube, Ph.D., Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

LaDonna Hutchins, Office of the Registrar

Billie Lancaster, Office of the Registrar        

Cecilia A. McIntosh, Ph.D., Dean of the School of Graduate Studies


Meeting Dates Fiscal Year 2012-2013

·         June 10, 2013

·         April 29, 2013

·         March 25, 2013

·         February 25, 2013

·         January 28, 2013

·         November 26, 2012

·         October 29, 2012

·         September 24, 2012

·         August 27, 2012

Meetings were held in Burgin Dossett Hall 206, the President’s Conference Room.  No meetings were held in December 2012 or May 2013.

Summary of Actions Taken

55 New Graduate Faculty Appointments

119 Graduate Faculty Reappointments

48 New Courses Approved

0 Courses Deleted

27 Course Changes

14 Curriculum Changes

55 Editorial Changes

19 Miscellaneous Graduate Council Actions

Section 1: Graduate Faculty Appointments/Reappointments Approved

August 2012


New Appointments:


1.      Bond, Cherie                                Pharmacology                                    Member          

2.      Hong, Huili                                   Curriculum & Instruction                     Member

3.      Johnson, Marie                            Audiology/Speech Pathology               Affiliate

4.      Lyons, Renee                              Curriculum & Instruction                      Affiliate

5.      Moran, Renee                             Curriculum & Instruction                      Affiliate

6.      Peterson, Jonathan                      Health Sciences                                   Member

7.      Reath, Kelly                                Social Work                                        Member




1.      Baisden, Ronald                            Biomedical Sciences                           Member

2.      Baryla, Edward                             Economics & Finance                         Member

3.      Brown, Stacy                                Pharmacy                                           Member

4.      Dixon, Wallace                              Psychology                                        Senior

5.      Ecay, Tom                                     Biomedical Sciences                          Member

6.      Glover, Eric                                   ELPA                                                Senior

7.      Hemphill, William                     Engineering Technology                           Member

8.      Hipple, Frederick                          Economics & Finance                         Member

9.      Jiang, Yu Lin                                Chemistry                                           Affiliate

10.  Jones, Jodi                                     Psychology                                       Member

11.  Karsai, Istvan                                Biological Sciences                            Member

12.  Kridler, Jamie                                Human Dev. & Learning                   Senior

13.  Moore, Tom                                  MGMT/MKTG                                Member

14.  Powers, C. Laraine                        Health Sciences                                Member

15.  Rhoton, Jack                                 Curriculum & Instruction                   Senior

16.  Rice, Judy                                     Nursing                                             Affiliate

17.  Sauceman, Fred                            APST                                               Affiliate

18.  Stewart, Glen                                Nursing                                             Affiliate

19.  Stidham, April                              Nursing                                              Affiliate

20.  Stone, William                              Pediatrics                                          Senior

21.  VanHook, Patricia                        Nursing                                             Member

22.  Wallace, Chris                              Computer Sciences                           Member

23.  Williams, Stacy                             Psychology                                       Member

24.  Wondergem, Robert                     Biomedical Sciences                         Senior

25.  Yin, Deling                                   Internal Medicine                              Senior

26.  Zhao, Ningfen                               Chemistry                                        Member


September 2012


New Appointments:


1.      Adleman, Kimberly                      HSMP                                                  Member

2.      Barkley, Deborah                          ELPA                                                  Affiliate

3.      Crittendon, Countney                   CJCR                                                   Affiliate

4.      Dotson-Wheeler, Karen                SPED                                                  Affiliate

5.      Enloe, John                                   HDAL                                                 Affiliate

6.      Farmer, Laura Boyd                     Counsel & HS                                     Member

7.      Foster, Kelly                                SOAA                                                 Member

8.      Galyon, Kermidas                        SPED                                                  Member

9.      Jarman, Jay                                  CSCI                                                  Member

10.  Leach, Brent                                HDAL                                                 Affiliate

11.  Mahoney, Faith                            HDAL                                                 Affiliate

12.  McNight, Jill Stinson                    PSYC                                                   Member

13.  Mizuguchi, Satoshi                       Exercise & SP Science                         Member

14.  Palmatier, Matthew                       PSYC                                                 Member

15.  Pendley, Robin                             HSMP                                                 Member

16.  Peterson, Jonathan                       Health Sciences                                    Member

17.  Quinn, Megan                               Biostat. & Epid.                                   Member

18.  Rankin, John                                 HIST                                                   Member

19.  Rocheleau, Gregory                      CJCR                                                  Member

20.  Sayers, Adam                                Athletics                                             Affiliate

21.  Schairer, Kim                                Aud. & Spch. Lang. Path.                   Member

22.  Smith, Sheila                                 Nursing                                               Member

23.  Southerland, Jodi                          COBH                                                Affiliate

24.  Spurling, Richard                          ELPA                                                 Affiliate

25.  Westover, Daniel                          Lit. & Lang.                                        Member




1.      Basham, Pepper                            Aud. & SPCH Lang. Path.                   Affiliate

2.      Crooke, William                            Lit. & Lang.                                         Member

3.      Briley, John                                   Public Adm.                                         Member

4.      Hale, Kimberly                              Teach. & Learning                               Member

5.      Kalbfleisch, John                           Acad. Affairs-COM                            Member

6.      Liu, Xuefeng                                 Biostat. & Epid.                                   Member

7.      Sands, William                              Execise & SP Science                          Member

8.      Schweitzer, John B.                      Pathology-COM                                  Member

9.      Wang, Keshang                             Biostat. & Epid.                                  Member         


October 2012 

New Appointments:


1.      Brown, Patrick                              Health Sciences                                   Member

2.      Devaiah, Shivakumar                    Biological Sciences                               Affiliate

3.      Riska, Kristal Mill                         Aud. & SPCH Lang. Path                    Member

4.      Wheeler, John                               Teaching and Learning                         Member




1.      Chen, Weixing                              Pol. Sci. Int. Affairs, PMGT                 Member

2.      Close, David                                 Physics                                                Member

3.      Gao, Yongli                                  Geosciences                                         Affiliate

4.      Hamm, Dennis                              CJCR                                                  Affiliate

5.      Miller, Hugh                                  Biological Sciences                              Member

6.      Wardeska, Jeff                              CHEM                                                Member                         



November 2012


New Appointments:






1.      Al-Imad, Leila                        HIST.                                              Affiliate

2.      Blackhart, Ginette                   PSYC.                                            Member

3.      Cress, Eileen                           ALHS                                            Affiliate

4.      Forsman, Allen                       Health Sci.                                      Senior

5.      Fritz, Stephen                          HIST.                                            Senior

6.      Knisley, Deborah                    MATH                                           Senior

7.      Kostrzewa, Richard                PHARM                                         Senior

8.      Lee, Tommy D.                       HIST                                              Member

9.      Lewis, Angela                         CUAI                                             Member

10.  Morrow, K. Brent                     HDAL                                            Member

11.  Newcomer, Daniel                    HIST                                              Member

12.  Schubert, Blaine                       GEOS                                             Member

13.  Slapp, Andrew                          HIST                                              Member

14.  Yampolsky, Lev                       BIOL                                              Member


January 2013


New Appointments:


1.      Dubey, Brayesh                               ENVH                                              Affiliate

2.      Ervin, Karen                                    HSMT                                              Affiliate

3.      Fisher, Stacy                                    CUAI                                               Member

4.      Masino, Anthony                             ACCT                                              Affiliate

5.      O’Brien, Andrea                              HIST                                                Affiliate

6.      Speer, Lisa                                       ELPA                                               Affiliate




1.      Allen, Michael P.                          PHIL                                                   Member

2.      Arnall, David                                PHYT                                                  Senior           

3.      Boggs, Theresa                            ASLP                                                   Affiliate

4.      Burgess, William D.                      HIST                                                   Member

5.      Davis, Thomas Jason                    KSRM                                                Affiliate

6.      Florence, Joseph A.                     Fam Med                                             Member

7.      Govett, Aimee                              CUAI                                                  Member

8.      Guntupalli, Vijaya                         ASLP                                                  Member

9.      Hall, Ken                                     Lit. & Lang                                          Member

10.  Hayes, Patricia                             Nursing                                                Senior

11.  Johnson, Donald                           Lit. & Lang                                          Senior

12.  Johnson, Keith                             ETSD                                                  Senior

13.  Maier, Kurt                                  ENVH                                                Senior

14.  Malkus, Amy                               Teaching & Learning                            Senior

15.  Marks, Lori                                  Teaching & Learning                           Senior

16.  Marrs, Jo-Ann S.                          Nursing                                              Member

17.  Nandi, Arpita                                Geosciences                                       Member

18.  Rayman, Kathleen                        Nursing                                                Senior

19.  Robertson, Joe L.                         BIOL                                                 Member

20.  Scarborough, Jana                       Coun Hum Serv.                                 Member

21.  Schrift, Melissa                            SOAA                                                Member

22.  Sherlin, Erin                                 Teach. & Learn                                   Affiliate

23.  Sims, Paul                                    ETSD                                                 Senior

24.  Tan, Zhibin                                   ETSD                                                 Member

25.  Watson, Alma L.                         Teaching & Learning                            Affiliate

26.  Weiss, Katherine                          Lit. & Lang.                                        Senior

27.  Williams, Duane                           PHYT                                                 Member


February 2013


New Appointments:


1.      Guinn, Richard                              not ETSU faculty                            Affiliate

2.      Tolaymati, Thabet                         not ETSU faculty                             Affiliate




1.      Blowers, Sally                           Nursing                                               Member

2.      Breeze, Ute                               PHYT                                                 Member         

3.      Brinson, Doyle                          ELPA                                                  Affiliate

4.      Defoe, Dennis                           Biomedical Sci.                                   Member

5.      Kruppa,Michael                        Biomedical Sci.                                   Member                     

6.      Likis-Werle, S. Elizabeth          COHS                                                 Member

7.      Lowe, Elizabeth                        ALHS                                                 Member

8.      McGarry, Theresa                     Lit. & Language                                  Member

9.      Pawlowicz, Peter                      Art & Design                                      Member

10.    Rice,Jody                                  ASLP                                                 Affiliate                      

11.    Thewke, Douglas P.                  Biomedical Sci.                                   Member

12.    Walls, Zachary                          PHARM                                             Member

13.    Warner, Carla                            Continuing Studies                             Affiliate


March 2013


New Applications:


1. Greene, Dana                           COPH                                                   Affiliate

2. Mei, Hua                                 CHEM                                                   Member




1.  Brewster, Karen                      Commun.-Theater                                 Member

2.  Campbell, Sharon                    Biom. Sciences                                     Member          


April 2013


New Appointments:


1.     Capes, Justin                        PHIL                                                   Affiliate

2.     Jaggers, Jeremiah                SWRK                                                 Affiliate

3.     James, Denetria                   SWRK                                                 Affiliate




1.     Crofts, Thomas                   Lit. & Lang.                                         Member

2.     Loess, Kurt                         Mgmt. & Marketing                            Member           

3.     Mahoney, Faith                   COUN                                               Affiliate

4.     Roberts, Anna D.                Mgmt. & Marketing                            Member

5.     Stoots, Michael                   COBH                                               Member 

6.     Wallace, Gregoary              COUN                                               Affiliate

7.     Williams, David L.              Surgery                                               Senior



June 2013

New Appointments:


1.      Dickson, Louise                ELPA                                                  Temporary

2.      Lewis, Christopher            MATH                                                Member




1.      Donaldson, James             BIOL                                                 Affiliate

2.      Duncan, William               Grad Studies                                       Member          

3.      Harrington, Karen             Lit. & Language                                 Affiliate

4.      Henson, Gary                    Physics & Astron.                              Member

5.      Kornweibel, Karen            Lit. & Language                                 Affiliate                     

6.      Lee, Sally                          COUN                                              Affiliate

7.      Stone, Margaret                PEXS                                                Affiliate

8.      Young, Marian                  ENTC                                                Affiliate



Section 2: New Courses Approved


August 2012

·         ANTH 4047/5047, Paleolithic Archaeology

·         HIST/PSCI 4197/5197, China Summer Abroad

·         GRAD 4017/5017, Responsible Conduct of Research

·         GRAD 7850, Mentoring Student Research


September 2012

·         MATH 5750, Survival Analysis


November 2012

·         NURS 5307, Nursing Management Practicum

·         COUN 5425, Focused Experiences in Family Counseling/Therapy

·         COUN 5020, School Counseling Program Development and Implementation

·         COUN 5255, Clinical Issues in Mental Health Counseling

·         COUN 5555, Counseling Process and Skills: Individual, Couples, and Families

·         COUN 5723, Evaluation and Administration of College Counseling and Student Affairs


January 2013

·         BSTA 5370, Categorical Data Analysis


February 2013

·         BIOL 4/5887, Arachnology

·         COUN 4/5207, Girls’ and Women’s Wellness for Helping Professionals

·         ELPA 7825, Academic Writing for Dissertation Research

·         NTFD 5442, Practice Based Research in Medical Nutrition Therapy

·         NTFD 5445, Advanced Macronutrient Nutrition

·         READ 5870, Advanced Practicum

·         READ 5890, The Role of the Reading Specialist and Literacy Coach

·         SPED 5960, Thesis in Special Education

·         SPED 5701, Research in Special Education and Related Fields

·         SPED 5301, Instructional Methodology for Exceptional Learning Needs

·         SPED 5425, Pre-Residency: The First 6-Weeks of School

·         SPED 5401, Research and Practice in Positive Behavioral Supports

·         SPED 5753, Programming for Individuals with Exceptional Learning Needs

·         SPED 5710, Residency I in Special Education

·         SPED 5020, Instructional Practices for Exceptional Needs, K-3

·         ECED 4/5637, Residency I: Instructional Strategies for Math and Differential Instruction PreK-3

·         ECED 4/5627, Residency I: Writing: The Process, Assessment, and Strategies for PreK-3

·         ECED 4/5617, Residency I: Assessment Driven Literacy Instruction for PreK-3

·         ECED 4/5427, Pre-Residency: The First 6-Weeks of School

·         STOR 4/5647, Applied Storytelling for the Profession


March 2013

·         ENTC 5050, International Experience

·         ANTH 5027, Cultural Resource Management

·         ANTH 5407, Archaeological Field School

·         SPED 4/5587, Access to the General Curriculum for Students with Significant Disabilities

·         SPED 4/5467, Teaching Math to Students with Mild/Moderate Exceptional Learning Needs


April 2013

·         ELPA 6040, Writing for Professional Educators

·         READ 5950, Action Research in Reading Education

·         SPED 4/5367, Systematic Instruction for Functional and Academic Programming

·         SPED 4/5767, Advanced Strategies for Behavioral Interventions

·         PEXS 6630, Neuromotor Control

·         PEXS 7100, Advanced Statistics for Sport Science

·         CUAI 5401, Pre-Residency: Classroom and Instructional Management K-12 Clinical/Field

·         CUAI 5441, Social Studies in the K-6 Classroom

·         CUAI 5560, Residency II: Clinical Field Experience Elementary (K-6)

·         CUAI 5570, Residency I: Clinical Field Experience Middle Grades (4-8)


June 2013



Section 3: New Program Proposals

            October 2012

·         Master of Arts in Appalachian Studies



Section 4: Course Changes


August 2012



September 2012



October 2012



November 2012

·         COUN 5010, Principles and Administration of Counseling and Consultation Services

·         COUN 5550, Counseling I

·         COUN 5420, Family Therapy I


January 2013



February 2013

·         SPED 5030, Instructional Practices—Preschool

·         SPED 5445, Medical Aspects and Applications of Assistive Technology

·         SPED 5825, Preclinical Experience in Special Education

·         SPED 5040, Intervention with Infant, Toddlers, and Families

·         CUAI 5450, Middle Grades Curriculum and Assessment (Tabled)

·         ECED 5440, Curriculum Standards and Lesson Planning for PreK-3

·         CUAI 5426, Secondary Clinical Field I (Tabled)

·         CUAI 5438, Residency I: Secondary Clinical Field II (Tabled)

·         CUAI 5440, Elementary School Curriculum and Assessment (Tabled)

·         CUAI 5455, Residency I: Middle Grades Social Studies (Tabled)

·         CUAI 5458, Residency I: Middle Grades Clinical Field II (Tabled)

·         CUAI 5450, Middle Grades Curriculum and Assessment (Tabled)

·         CUAI 5442, Elementary Clinical Field I (Tabled)

·         CUAI 5444, Residency I: Elementary Clinical Field II (Tabled)

·         CUAI 5452, Middle Grades Clinical Field I (Tabled)


March 2013

·         SPED 4/5757, Curriculum Based Assessment

·         READ 4/5437, Reading Instruction in the Middle and Secondary School

·         READ 4/5453, Residency I: Advanced Middle Grades English/Language Arts

·         READ 5441, Reading in the K-6 Classroom


April 2013

·         STOR 5140, Basic Storytelling

·         CUAI 5400, Seminar in Classroom Management

·         CUAI 5426, Secondary Clinical Field I

·         CUAI 5438, Residency I: Secondary Clinical Field II

·         CUAI 5442, Elementary Clinical Field I

·         CUAI 5444, Residency I: Elementary Clinical   Field II

·         CUAI 5452, Middle Grades Clinical Field I

·         CUAI 5455, Residency I: Middle Grades Social Studies

·         CUAI 5458, Residency I: Middle Grades Clinical Field II

·         CUAI 5580, Residency II

·         READ 4/5437, Reading Instruction in the Middle and Secondary School

·         READ 5441, Reading in the K-6 Classroom

·         READ 5453, Residency I: Advanced Middle Grades English/Language Arts

·         CUAI 5443, Residency I: Mathematics and Science in the K-6 Classroom


May 2013



June 2013

·        ARTA 4/5147, Painting Techniques of the Old Masters


Section 5: Curriculum Changes


August 2012

·         Non-Substantive Curriculum Change – Psychology, Clinical Psychology Concentration, M.A/Ph.D.

·       Establish five new concentrations in the M.Ed. in Secondary Education and revise the course requirements for the existing degree and the existing concentration in Classroom Technology.


September 2012



October 2012



November 2012

·         Non-Substantive Curriculum Change – Nursing Masters

·         TBR Proposal – Revision of the admission requirements for the RODP Master of Science in Nursing Administration

·         TBR Proposal – Substantive Curriculum Modification for the Master of Arts in Counseling


January 2013

·         Non-Substantive Curriculum Change – Master of Arts in Professional Communication

·         Site-based and Electronic Delivery – Master of Public Health with a Concentration in Community Health


February 2013

·         Substantive Curriculum Modification – M.S. in Clinical Nutrition

·         Substantive Curriculum Modification – Master of Education in Special Education

·         Substantive Curriculum Modification – M.A. in Early Childhood

·         Establishment of Articulated Programs – Doctor of Pharmacy and Master of Business Administration


March 2013

·         TBR Proposal – Terminate the Geoscience concentration in the Master of Science in Technology


April 2013

·         Non-Substantive Curriculum Change – Sport Physiology and Performance


May 2013



June 2013

·        Substantive Change to an Existing Program – Master of Arts in Reading



Section 6: Editorial Changes


Dr. Beck stated the Registrar’s office requested changes to the Intent to Graduate form. These were approved.


The motion was made and second to approve the 2011-2012 annual report and narrative.


A motion was made, seconded, and voted to approve recommended edits to the GA/TS online handbook.


Dr. Bartoszuk presented the draft proposal of the ETSU Graduate Faculty Award for Outstanding Mentoring to the council. Recommendations for edits were made and the proposal approved.


Section 7: Miscellaneous Actions


Dr. McIntosh summarized the set up for Thesis/Dissertation Boot Camp, offered through the Office of Professional Development. 


Dr. Beck reported on a GRE prep class that is a result of collaboration between the School of Graduate Studies and the Office of Professional Development in the School of Continuing Studies.


The Sherrod library has expanded their weekly hours to 2:00 a.m. however; there will be no library staff and no weekend expansion of hours at this time.  


Ms. Billie Lancaster introduced Ms. Kristie Williams as the new DegreeWorks Coordinator.


Dr. Bartoszuk stated that the School of Graduate Studies will release a new research magazine with articles written by a graduate student in the Professional Communications program and with photos and layout designed by a New Media Studio graduate student.  The magazine features graduate student research at ETSU and information on recent graduates. The title of the magazine is the Illuminated.


Dr. McIntosh requested ideas to include in the 125 visioning committee.  Dr. McIntosh is serving on the Academic Programs subcommittee and will compose a listing and present to the 125 committee members and thanked the council for their input.


Dr. McIntosh gave an update on the online letter of recommendation system.   She also stated that ETC is progressing with the compiling the specifications for development of the online system for submitting Graduate Faculty appointment/reappointment forms. 


Dr. McIntosh presented an update on fund-raising for the Add-on Fellowship program.  Additional donations are needed if this program is to continue.  


Dr. McIntosh announced that ETSU will be responding to a Council of Graduate Schools-issued RFP for financial literacy. 


Ms. Rebecca Loyd is the Online Graduate Student Liaison.


The Council voted to send a letter to President Noland providing information and asking Dr. Noland to make increasing GA stipends a priority in future budget planning.


ETSU rating:

Level: 4 years or above

Control: Public

Total Enrollment: 14,957

Classification                                                 Category:

Undergraduate Instructional Program:           Prof.+A&S/SGC: Professions plus arts & sciences,                                                                           some graduate coexistence

Graduate Instructional Program:               Doc/Prof:  Doctoral, professional dominant

Enrollment Profile:                                       HU: High undergraduate

Size and Setting:                                            L4/N$:  Large four-year, primarily nonresidential

Basic:                                                              DRU:  Doctoral/Research Universities


This institution participated in the following elective classification:

Community Engagement                                Curricular Engagement and Outreach and                                                                                         Partnerships