East Tennessee State University

Graduate Council Annual Report

2014- 2015



Graduate Council Membership


Voting Members

Jennifer Barber, Graduate and Professional Studies Association

Stacy D. Brown, Ph.D., College of Pharmacy

Wendy Doucette, Ph.D., Sherrod Library

Wendolin Elrod, Graduate and Professional Studies Association

Michelle Lee, College of Clinical and Rehabilitative Health Sciences

Lori Marks, Ph.D., Clemmer College of Education, Chair

Phillip Musich, Ph.D., College of Medicine

Robert P.  Pack, Ph.D., College of Public Health

Martha M. Pointer, Ph.D., College of Business and Technology

Kathleen M. Rayman, Ph.D., College of Nursing

Mitchell Robinson, Ph. D., Member At-Large

Janna Scarborough, Ph. D., Clemmer College of Education

Marie Tedesco, Ph.D., School of Continuing Studies

Paul Trogen, Ph.D., Faculty Senate

Florence M. Weierbach, Ph.D., Member At-Large

Brittany Wilkins, Ph.D., Member At-Large


Non-voting Members

Karin Bartoszuk, Ph.D., Associate Dean of School of Graduate Studies

Maria D. Costa, International Programs

David Currie, Ph.D., Academic Technology Services

William R. Duncan, Ph.D., Vice Provost of Research and Sponsored Programs

Marsh Grube, Ph.D., Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

LaDonna Hutchins, Office of the Registrar

Billie Lancaster, Office of the Registrar        

Brian Maxson, Ph.D., Assistant Dean of School of Graduate Studies

Cecilia A. McIntosh, Ph.D., Dean of the School of Graduate Studies

Evelyn Roach, Ph.D., Office of the Registrar


Meeting Dates Fiscal Year 2014 - 2015

         August 26, 2014

         September 20, 2014

         October 27, 2014

         November 17, 2014

         January 26, 2015

         February 23, 2015

         March 30, 2015

         April 27, 2015

         June 8, 2015



Meetings were held in Burgin Dossett Hall 206, the President¨s Conference Room.  No meetings were held in December 2014 or May 2015.


Summary of Actions Taken

43 New Graduate Faculty Appointments

90 Graduate Faculty Reappointments

56 New Courses Approved

10 New Program/Certificate Proposals

8 Curriculum Changes

5 Course Changes

1 Program Terminated

1 Certificate Terminated

1 Concentration Terminated

1 Change in Degree Designation




Section 1: Graduate Faculty Appointments/Reappointments Approved


August 2014 

New Appointments:

1.      Battista, Andrew              Political Science, International Affairs, & Public Admin.      Member

2.      Becker, Lana                                 Accountancy                                                               Member

3.      Greene, Dorothy                           Social Work                                                                Affiliate

4.      Lewallen, Jina                               Social Work                                                                Member

5.      White, Robert                               Teaching and Learning                                               Member



1.      Harkness, Sarah                Professional Studies                            Temporary                   Affiliate

2.      Hoover, Donald                Biomedical Sciences                           Full                              Member

3.      Koterbay, Scott                 Art & Design                                      Associate Member      Member

4.      Mead, Jim                         Geosciences                                        Full                              Sr. Member

5.      Mitchell, Clifton               Counseling & Human Services           Full                              Member

6.      Proctor-Williams, Kerry    Speech-Language Pathology              Assoc. Member           Member

7.      Renner, Jasmine    Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis    Member                       Member



September 2014

New Appointments:

1.      Balada, Ronard                             Chemistry                                                                    Affiliate

2.      Beatty, Kate                                  Health Services Management & Policy                      Member

3.      Bidwell, Joseph                             Biological Services                                                      Senior

4.      Boynewicz, Kara                          Physical Therapy                                                         Member

5.      Cloud, Janice                                Curriculum & Instruction                                            Affiliate

6.      Doucette, Wendy                          Sherrod Library                                                           Member

7.      Frye, Stephanie                             Music                                                                          Affiliate

8.      Howard, Jeff                                 Student Affairs                                                           Affiliate

9.      Khoury, Amal                               Health Services Management & Policy                      Senior

10.  King, Patricia                                Physical Therapy                                                         Member

11.  Maisonet, Mildred                                    Biostatistics & Epidemiology                                     Member

12.  Mwinyelle, Jerome                        Literature & Language                                                Member

13.  O¨Neil, Kason                               Kinesiology, Sport & Recreation Management          Affiliate

14.  Shilabin, Abbas                             Chemistry                                                                    Member

15.  Smith, Danny                                Physical Therapy                                                         Affiliate



1.      Bartoszuk, Karin               Teaching & Learning                          Member                       Senior

2.      Burgin, Davin                   History                                                Temporary                   Affiliate

3.      Cress, Eileen                     Allied Health Sciences: Nutrition       Member                       Member

4.      Dixon, David                    Art & Design                                      Member                       Member

5.      Fehskins, Matthew            Language & Literature                        Affiliate                      Affiliate

6.      Gardner, Robert                Mathematics & Statistics                    Full                              Senior

7.      Girard, Mira                      Art & Design                                      Member                       Member

8.      Mwinyelle, Jerome            Literature & Language                        Affiliate                      Member

9.      Pack, Robert                     Community & Behavioral Health       Full                              Senior

10.  Powers, Leigh                   Nursing: Graduate Programs              Temporary                   Member

11.  Silver, Kenneth                 Environmental Health                         Full                              Senior

12.  Tarnoff, David                  Internal Med: Infectious Diseases      Full                              Senior

13.  Zhu, Meng Yang               Biomedical Sciences                           Full                              Senior



October 2014

New Appointments:

1.      Bramlett, Shannon                                    Audiology & Speech Pathology                                 Member

2.      Fox, Sean                                      Health Sciences                                                           Affiliate

3.      Hall, Katherine                              Nursing                                                                       Member

4.      Johnson, Krisztina                         Audiology & Speech Pathology                                 Member

5.      Jones, David Michael                    English                                                                        Affiliate



1.      Bailes, Gordon                              Computing                              GRDM                        Member

2.      Bailey, M. Gene                            Computing                              GRDM                        Member

3.      Herrin, Roberta                             Appalachian Studies               GRDM                        Senior

4.      Livingston, James                         Engineering Technology         GRDM                        Member

5.      Nivens, Ryan                                Curriculum & Instruction        Member                       Member

6.      Waage, Frederick                          Literature & Language            None Listed                Senior



November 2014

New Appointments:

1.      Price, Kellie                                   Computing                                                      Member



1.      Barrett, Martin L.                          Computing                                          Member           Member

2.      Dunham-Taylor, Janne                  Nursing                                               GRSM             Senior

3.      Elangovan, Saravanan                   Audiology & Speech Pathology         GRSM             Member

4.      Ernenwein, Eileen                         Geosciences                                        GRAM            Member

5.      Steadman, Mark                            Accountancy                                       GRDM            Member

6.      Trainor, William                            Economics/Finance                             GRSM             Senior



January 2015

New Appointments:


1.      Depew, Dennis                 Engineering Technology, Surveying & Digital Media            Sr. Member

2.      Hiatt, Anna                                   Biological Sciences                                                     Member

3.      Kozinetz, Claudia                         Biostatistics & Epidemiology                                     Sr. Member

4.      Matthias, Kristine                         Audiology & Speech-Language Pathology                Affiliate

5.      Olson, Nathaniel                           Appalachian Studies                                                   Member

6.      Porter, Kelly                                  Art & Design                                                              Member

7.      Sheridan, Rustam                          Mass Communication                                                 Member

8.      Waters, Susan                               Mass Communication                                                 Member



1.      Andrade, Roy                   Appalachian Studies                                       Affiliate          Affiliate

2.      Bishop, Wilsie                   Health Services Management & Policy          Full Member    Sr. Member

3.      Boyd Jr., John                   Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis    Affiliate          Affiliatse

4.      Brown, Danny                  Mass Communication                                     Member           Member

5.      Davis, Donald                   Art & Design                                                  Full Member    Member

6.      Johnson, Earl                     Audiology & Speech-Language Pathology    Member           Member

7.      Joplin, Karl                        Biological Sciences                                         Member           Member

8.      Keeler, Rebecca    Political Science, Intern¨l Affairs & Public Admin.   Member           Member

9.      Mink, Patty                       Art & Design                                                  Full Member    Sr. Member

10.  Murray, Catherine             Art & Design                                                  Member           Member

11.  Norwood, Frederick         Mathematics & Statistics                                Full Member    Sr. Member

12.  Osborn, Richard                Cross-Disciplinary Studies                              Member           Member

13.  Pyles, Rebecca                  Biological Sciences                                         Full Member    Member

14.  Ramsey, Michael               Exercise & Sport Science                                Member           Sr. Member

15.  Sellers, Eric                       Psychology                                                      Full Member    Sr. Member



February 2015

New Appointments:

1.      Davis, George R.                          Graduate School                                                         Member

2.      Johnston, Brian D.                        Graduate School                                                         Member

3.      Beaumont, Eric                             Biomedical Sciences COM                                         Member

4.      Fankhouser, Russell James            Audiology & Speech-Language Pathology                Member

5.      Sander, Richard L.                        Graduate School                                                         Member



1.      Hayer, Jill Kearns                          Economics & Finance                         Affiliate          Member

2.      Kwasigroch, Thomas E.                Biomedical Sciences COM                 Member           Member

3.      Wampler, Samantha R.                 Allied Health Sciences                        Affiliate          Affiliate



March 2015 

New Applications:

1.      Hagemeier, Nicholas E.                Pharmacy Practice                                                       Member

2.      Hunt, Jennifer R.                          Health Services Management & Policy                      Affiliate



1.      Hogan, Norma Jane          Curriculum & Instruction                    Member                       Member

2.      Pond, Brooks Barnes        Pharmaceutical Sciences                     Member                       Member



April 2015 



1.      Joyner, William L.             Biomedical Sciences COM                 Member           Member

2.      Mayoraz, Vanessa                         Art & Design                                      Temporary       Member

3.      Pond, Brooks Barnes                    Pharmaceutical Sciences                     Member           Member

4.      Singh, Mahipal                              Biomedical Sciences COM                 Senior              Member

5.      Vasiliev, Aleksey N.                     Chemistry                                            Senior              Member

6.      Collins, Charles C.                        Pharmaceutical Sciences                     Member           Member

7.      Dosser, Marcia Edgeworth           Curriculum & Instruction                    Affiliate          Affiliate

8.      Duncan, Joyce D.                          Counseling & Human Services           Affiliate          Affiliate

9.      Hurley, David L.                           Pharmaceutical Sciences                     Member           Member

10.  Ralston, Elizabeth Welch              Curriculum & Instruction                    Temporary       Member

11.  Roane, David S.                            Pharmaceutical Sciences                     Member           Member

12.  Smith, Cynthia S.              Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis    Affiliate          Affiliate

13.  Trivette, Carol M.                         Teaching & Learning                          Temporary       Member

14.  Facun-Granadozo, Ruth               Teaching & Learning                          Temporary       Affiliate

15.  Fitzgerald, Martin R.        Eng Tech, Surveying & Digital Media           Affiliate          Affiliate

16.  Flanagan, Octavia Lynne              Nursing Graduate Programs               Temporary       Member

17.  Harirforoosh, Saeidreza                Pharmaceutical Sciences                     Member           Member

18.  Marlow, Gregory B.          Eng Tech, Surveying & Digital Media           Temporary       Affiliate

19.  Myron, Mary C.                            Teaching & Learning                          Temporary       Affiliate

20.  Trumbley, Sharon G.                     Nursing Graduate Programs               Affiliate          Affiliate



June 2015

New Appointments:

1.      Smaldino, Joseph J.                       Audiology & Speech-Language Pathology                Member

2.      Parr, Kemaly Suzanne                   Allied Health Sciences                                                Member



1.      Akin, Faith Wurm             Audiology & Speech-Language Pathology    Member           Member

2.      Bhattacharjee, Prasun                   Economics & Finance                         Affiliate          Affiliate

3.      Cherry, Shirely Jean                      Allied Health Sciences                        Affiliate          Member

4.      Cronin, Patrick Joseph                  Communication & Performance         Member           Member

5.      Dyer, M. Wayne                           Art & Design                                      Senior              Senior

6.      Flanagan, Octavia Lynne              Nursing Graduate Programs               Temporary       Member

7.      Gomez Sobrino, Isabel                  Literature & Language                        Temporary       Member

8.      Hirsch, Jameson K.                       Psychology                                          Senior              Senior

9.      Jones, Thomas Charles                  Biological Sciences                             Senior              Senior

10.  Justice, Robert A.                         Management & Marketing                  Affiliate          Affiliate

11.  Keene, Kevin S.                            Allied Health Sciences                        Member           Member

12.  MacMorran, Jane Blair                  Appalachian Studies                           Temporary       Affiliate

13.  Mamudu, Hadii Mohammed        Health Services Mgmt & Policy         Member           Member

14.  Moore, Darrell James                    Biological Sciences                             Senior              Senior

15.  Onyango, Edward Michieka         Health Sciences                                   Member           Member

16.  Poole, George Douglas                 Mathematics & Statistics                    Member           Member

17.  Reece, Michelle C.                        Health Services Mgmt & Policy         Temporary       Affiliate

18.  Singh, Krishna                              Biomedical Sciences COM                 Senior              Senior



Section 2: New Courses

October 2014

         New Course: ENTC 5650 Advanced Entrepreneurship

         New Course: PSYC 5670 Topical Seminar in Statistical Methods

         New Course: SOWK 4457/5457 Social Work Practice in Health Care Setting


November 2014

         New Course: MCOM 5100 Digital Strategic Communication

         New Course: MCOM 5060 Communication Ethics

         New Course: SPCH 5250 Issues in Communication and Culture

         New course: SPCH 5350 Organizational Communication and Consulting

         New Course: AMBA 5600 Business Protocol

         New Course: AMBA 5700 Intercultural Studies


January 2015

         New Course: FREN 4957/5957 French Classicism in Contemporary France


February 2015

         New Course: CSCI 4407/5407 Advanced Networking Concepts

         New Course: PEXS 5270 Sport Biomechanics

         New Course: PEXS 5280 Sport Skills and Tactics

         New Course: PEXS 5630 Sport Conditioning II

         New Course: PEXS 5680 Management Skills for Coaching

         New Course: PEXS 5700 Coaching Issues

         New Course: HSRV 5100 Human Services Practice and Leadership

         New Course: HSRV 5150 Human Services Counseling and Case management

         New Course: HSRV 5200 Ethics and Social Justice

         New Course: HSRV 5420 Human Services for Families

         New Course: HSRV 5510 Grant and Report Writing

         New Course: HSRV 5720 Human Service Internship

         New Course: HSRV 5959 Human Services Capstone

          New Course: GSLD 6000 Leadership in Global Sport

         New Course: GSLD 6100 Strategic Thinking and Planning for Global Sport Leaders

          New Course: GSLD 6200 Leading External Function in Global Sport

         New Course: GSLD 6300 Effect of Governing Bodies on Sport Leadership

         New Course: GSLD 6400 Leading Internal Functions of Sport

         New Course: GSLD 6500 International Model of Sport Leadership

         New Course: GSLD 6510 Action Research I

         New Course: GSLD 6600 Sport and Society: Impact on Leadership

          New Course: GSLD 6610 Action Research II

         New Course: GSLD 6700 Interpersonal Relationships in Sport

         New Course: GSLD 6710 Action Research III

         New Course: GSLD 6800 Organizational Behavior for Sport Leaders

         New Course: GSLD 6810 Action Research IV

         New Course: GSLD 6910 Interpreting and Applying Analytics in Sport

         New Course: GSLD 7000 Immersion in Sport Practicum

         New Course: GSLD 7010 Research Methods for Global Sport Leadership

         New Course: GSLD 7100 Branding, Marketing, and Sales Leadership

         New Course: GSLD 7110 Research Methods for Global Sport Leadership II

         New Course: GSLD 7200 Law and Negotiation for Sport Leaders

         New Course: GSLD 7300 Seminar in Global Sport Leadership

         New Course: GSLD 7400 Capstone Project in Global Sport Leadership I

         New Course: GSLD 7500 Capstone Project in Global Sport Leadership II


March 2015

         New Course: ARTA 4607/5607 Digital Photography II

         New Course: GRAD 5001 The Art of Self Marketing

         New Course: GRAD 5009 Leadership for Professionals

         New Course: GRAD 5003 Career Planning

         New Course: GRAD 5008 Soft Skills for Professionals

         New Course: PGMT 5310: GIS for Planning and Development

         New Course: PGMT 5320: Transportation Planning and Development

         New Course: PGMT 5400: Legal Considerations in Local Government

April 2015

         New Course: SALM 5670 Sport Management Research: Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation Management


June 2015

         New Course: ELPA, 7120, History of American Higher Education

         New Course: PEXS 5100, Practicum in Applied Sport Science



Section 3: TBR Proposals

January 2015

         TBR Proposal: Early Childhood Emergent Inquiry Graduate Certificate C revise admission criteria.

February 2015

         TBR Proposal: Graduate Programs in Nursing: New Post Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) Certificates

         TBR Proposal: Exercise and Sport Sciences: Master of Science in Sport Science and Coach Education; conversion of a concentration in an existing degree to a free-standing degree.

         TBR Proposal: New M.S. Human Services degree

         TBR Proposal: School of Graduate Studies: New Ed.D. in Global Sport Leadership


March 2015

         TBR Proposal: New Joint Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Program


April 2015

         TBR Proposal: New Certificate Program in Special Education High Incidence Disabilities

         TBR Proposal: New Certificate Program in Special Education Low Incidence Disabilities

         TBR Proposal: New Certificate Program in Special Education Early Childhood


June 2015

         TBR Proposal: Change in Title for degree: M.S. in Sport Management (concentration becoming stand-alone degree)



Section 4: Course Changes

November 2014

         Substantial Course Modification: STOR 5890 History of Performance Tradition

         Substantial Course Modification: STOR 5230 Advanced Solo Performance


February 2015

         Substantial Course Modification: CSCI 5520 Research Methods in Computer Science


March 2015

         Substantial Course Modification: PMGT 5200 Legal and Ethical Considerations in Public Service

June 2015

         Modify an Existing Course: SPAN 4137 and SPAN 4147



Section 5: Curriculum Changes


August 2014

         Articulation Agreement: Allow credits from completed Epidemiology Graduate Certificate to transfer into MPH with concentration in Epidemiology

         Articulation Agreement: Allow credits from completed Archival Studies Graduate Certificate to transfer into MALS with concentration in Archival Studies

         Modify curriculum of Archival Studies Graduate Certificate


September 2014

         Substantive Curriculum Revision: Archival Studies concentration in the MALS program


October 2014

         ECED Early Childhood Education M.A. change in admission requirements


November 2014

         Revise M.A. in Professional Communication to create three formal concentrations

         Terminate Storytelling Concentration in M.A. in Reading

         Revise Admission Criteria for MPH Degree (excluding the approval of the list of admissions test that would be accepted by MPH)


February 2015

         Computer Information Sciences M.S. curriculum change


March 2015

         Substantial revision to the MPA program


June 2015

         Terminate Existing Program: Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Translation and Interpreting



Section 6: New Policies and Policy Changes

         Graduate Academic Fresh Start Policy was developed and approved

         Update was made to ^Admission of International Students ̄ information in the catalog.

         TBR moved approval to terminate the RODP concentration in Nursing Informatics through a 3 year phase-out process; this was passed. 

         Accelerated (FastTrack) Bachelor¨s to Master¨s policy obtained unanimous approval from UCC on March 25, 2015.  Motion was made, seconded, and carried for approval by Graduate Council.

o   Approved by Academic Council at its April 9, 2015 meeting. Approved by President Noland for campus-wide dissemination.

         Council voted to guide interpretation of current admissions policy requirement for official transcripts to consider PDF transcripts official when provided by organizations corroborated and vetted by ACCROA as following best practice to protect integrity of transcripts.  


Section 7: Miscellaneous Actions

         Dr. McIntosh reminded the Council that, in response to their request last year, Dr. Noland committed to increasing the stipends of graduate assistantships across the board starting this year, however decreased enrollment and subsequent budget cuts delayed implementation.  Dr. Noland proposed increasing the stipend by $500 per year over a period of four years.  The last stipend increase was in the year 2000. Council members stated intention to work on a letter to Dr. Noland reminding him of this commitment. 

         Dr. Maxson summarized the plans for dissemination information regarding the discontinuation of the thesis/dissertation reader.  The email has been sent to graduate coordinators, faculty and staff.  Dr. Maxson summarized the Academic Council¨s comments along with summarizing the meeting with Academic Council designees, CFAA, and Graduate personnel.

         Dr. Maxson informed the council of scholarship changes.  The new scholarships are George L. Carter Scholarship available for students in nine states within 250 miles radius of ETSU and the Sidney G. Gilbreath Scholarship available for out of state student beyond the 250 miles from ETSU.  These are similar to the prior regional and out-of-state scholarships except for two main distinctions: there is a specified dollar figure for each rather than a percent off and the regional scholarship has a longer reach (250 miles rather than 75 miles).

         Council voted to elect Dr. Chris Dula for the Graduate Faculty Mentor Award

         Dr. Rayman retired May 15, 2015 and Wendy Doucette has been elected to chair the Curriculum Subcommittee.


ETSU rating:

Level: 4 years or above

Control: Public

Total Enrollment: 13,822

Classification                                                 Category:

Undergraduate Instructional Program:           Prof.+A&S/SGC: Professions plus arts & sciences,                                                                           some graduate coexistence

Graduate Instructional Program:               Doc/Prof:  Doctoral, professional dominant

Enrollment Profile:                                       HU: High undergraduate

Size and Setting:                                            L4/N$:  Large four-year, primarily nonresidential

Basic:                                                              DRU:  Doctoral/Research Universities


This institution participated in the following elective classification:

Community Engagement                                Curricular Engagement and Outreach and                                                                                         Partnerships