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The Master of Professional Studies

School of Continuing Studies and Academic Outreach

Strategic Leadership

This degree program is especially designed for working adults who wish to pursue graduate professional studies that combine two or more disciplines.  The MPS allows for the development of professionally oriented programs that respond to the dynamic needs of students working in or preparing for rapidly changing professional environments and expectations.  In this program of interdisciplinary graduate studies, students make connections between various professional fields and traditional social science disciplines.
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MPS Core   9 Hours
  PRST 5100:  Issues & Ethics in the Professions (3HR)  
Overview of ethics in general, with practical tools for assessing ethical dimensions of professional life, diagnosing or identifying the moral issues at hand, and then developing reasonable options to address particular moral and ethical issues.
  PRST 5200:  Globalization in the Professions (3HR) 
The purpose of this course is to assess the impact of globalization on professional life. The course examines globalization as it relates to commerce, information flow, mass media, government, health care, and education.

PRST 5300:  Research Methods (3HR) 
The study and application of research methods appropriate to professional studies. The course will provide a general introduction to research methods, as well as providing practical exposure to Problem Statements, Literature Reviews, Writing the Research Proposal, and Organization of the Research Report. Quantitative and Qualitative Research methodologies will be covered. (fall, spring, summer) 

Concentration: Strategic Leadership 21 Hours

Students in the Strategic Leadership Concentration must complete at least one course from 5 subject areas:

  Area 1:  Leadership Theory  
  PRST 5500:  Foundations of Leadership (3HR)
  LDSP 5000: Current Issues & Cases in Leadership (3HR)
  ELPA 5560: Small Group Leadership (3HR)
  Area 2: Research/Data Analysis  
  PRST 5770: Computer-Based Decision Modeling (3HR)
  PRST 5600: Statistical Analysis (3HR)  
  Area 3: Organizational Structure and Change
  PRST 5310: Leadership in Organizations (3 HR)
  PRST 5800: Organizational Change Skills (3HR)
  Area 4: Communication  
  COMM 5110: Leadership and Communication (3HR)
  JOUR 5450: Public Relations Management (3HR)
  PRST 5700: Conflict Management & Negotiation (3HR)
  Area 5: Strategic Planning and Assessment
  PRST 5105: Project Planning and Scheduling (3HR)
  PRST 5040: Human Resource Management (3HR)


Choose two unduplicated courses from the list above.

6 Hours

PRST 5998 Culminating Professional Project 3 Hours


33 Hours
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