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College of Arts & Sciences

Dr AndersonWelcome to the College of Arts and Sciences at East Tennessee State University.

The College consists of eighteen departments, three Centers for Excellence, and three museums and galleries. The disciplines within the college range from art to astronomy, from bluegrass to biology, and from communication studies to criminal justice, and it is the interplay among such diverse units that makes our college unique at ETSU. The college also houses the Medical Professions Advisement program, which prepares pre-health students in nine different areas, and is ranked in the top 20 of such programs in the nation.

In addition to being caring teachers, faculty in the College are productive researchers and scholars, and they are actively engaged in their community. There are active research programs across the college that provide research opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students in every department. Read more... 

Dr. Gordon Anderson
Dean, College of Arts & Sciences

We offer 22 undergraduate majors, over 50 different minors, 6 graduate certificates, 15 graduate degrees and a Medical Professions Advisement program.

• Africana Studies Minor

• Appalachian Studies Minor
• Environmental Studies Minor
• Appalachian Studies Graduate Certificate
• MA, Appalachian Studies, Appalachian Communities Concentration
• MA, Appalachian Studies, Appalachian Culture and Heritage Concentration

• BA, Art, Art History Concentration
• BA, Art, Studio Art Concentration
• BFA, Art, Studio Art Concentration
• Art Minor
• Art History Minor
• BFA, Graphic Design
• MFA, Studio Art

• BS, Biology, Biochemistry Concentration
• BS, Biology, No Minor Required
• BS, Biology, Secondary Education Track
• BS, Biology, Standard Track
• Biology Minor
• MS, Biology, Biology Concentration
• MS, Biology, Biomedical Sciences Concentration
• MS, Biology, Microbiology Concentration
• PhD, Biomedical Sciences

• BA, Bluegrass, Old Time, and Country Music Studies
• Bluegrass, Old Time, and Country Music Studies Minor

• BS, Chemistry, ACS Chemistry Concentration
• BS, Chemistry, Biochemistry Concentration
• BS, Chemistry, Chemical Physics Concentration
• BS, Chemistry, Chemistry Concentration
• Chemistry Minor
• MS, Chemistry

• BA/BS, Communication Studies
• Communication Studies Minor
• Storytelling Minor
• MA, Communication and Storytelling Studies
• Storytelling Graduate Certificate

• BA/BS, Criminal Justice & Criminology
• Criminal Justice & Criminology Minor
• MA, Criminal Justice & Criminology
• Forensic Document Examination Graduate Certificate

• BS, Geosciences, Geospatial Science Concentration
• BS, Geosciences, Paleontology Concentration
• Geographic Information Systems Minor
• Geography Minor
• Geology Minor
• Paleontology Minor
• MS, Geosciences, Geospatial Analysis Concentration
• MS, Geosciences, Paleontology Concentration
• Geographic Information Systems Graduate Certificate

• BA/BS, History
• China Studies Minor
• History Minor
• MA, History

• BA, English
• Classical Studies Minor
• Creative Writing Minor
• Film Studies Minor
• Linguistics Minor
• Technical Writing Minor
• BA, Foreign Language Major, French, German, or Spanish
• Applied Spanish: Community Studies Minor
• English Minor
• French Minor
• German Minor
• Japanese Minor
• Spanish Minor
• MA, English
• Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Graduate Certificate

• BS, Mathematics, Computational Applied Mathematics Concentration
• BS, Mathematics, Mathematics Education Concentration
• BS, Mathematics, Mathematical Sciences Concentration
• BS, Mathematics, Mathematical Statistics Concentration
• Mathematics Minor
• Statistics Minor
• MS, Mathematical Sciences

• BA/BS, Media and Communication, Advertising/Public Relations Concentration
• BA/BS, Media and Communication Journalism Concentration
• BA/BS, Radio/Television/Film Concentration
• Advertising Minor
• Journalism Minor
• Radio-TV-Film Minor
• MA, Brand and Media Strategy
• MS, Digital Marketing
• Film Production Graduate Certificate

• Pre-Chiropractic Medicine Medical Professions Advisement Program
• Pre-Dentistry Medical Professions Advisement Program
• Pre-Medicine (Allopathic or Osteopathic) Medical Professions Advisement Program
• Pre-Optometry Medical Professions Advisement Program
• Pre-Pharmacy Medical Professions Advisement Program
• Pre-Pharmacy Plus Medical Professions Advisement Program
• Pre-Physician Assistant Medical Professions Advisement Program
• Pre-Podiatry Medical Professions Advisement Program
• Pre-Veterinary Medicine Medical Professions Advisement Program

• BM, Music, Music Education: Instrumental/General Concentration
• BM, Music, Music Education: Vocal/General Concentration
• BM, Music, Performance: Instrumental Concentration
• BM, Music, Performance: Keyboard Concentration
• BM, Music, Performance: Vocal Concentration
• BM, Music, Jazz Studies Concentration
• Music Minor

• BA/BS, Philosophy, Justice, Ethics, and Law Concentration
• BA/BS, Philosophy
• BA/BS, Philosophy, Philosophy & Religious Studies Concentration
• Humanities Minor
• Philosophy Minor
• Religious Studies Minor

• BS, Physics
• Astronomy Minor
• Physics Minor

• BA, International Affairs
• BA/BS, Political Science
• International Affairs Minor
• Legal Studies Minor
• Political Science Minor
• Public Administration Minor
• MPA, Public Administration, Economic Development and Planning Concentration
• MPA, Public Administration, Local Government Management Concentration
• MPA, Public Administration, Nonprofit & Public Financial Management Concentration

• BA/BS, Psychology, Child Psychology Science Concentration
• BA/BS, Psychology, Clinical Psychology Science Concentration
• BA/BS, Psychology, Health Professions Concentration
• BA/BS, Psychology, General Psychology Concentration
• Psychology Minor
• MA/PhD, Psychology, Clinical Psychology Concentration
• MA/PhD, Psychology, Experimental Psychology Concentration

• BA, Anthropology
• BA/BS, Sociology
• Archaeology Minor
• Anthropology Minor
• Sociology Minor
• Culture and Health Minor
• MA, Sociology, Applied Concentration
• MA, Sociology, General Concentration 

• BA, Theatre
• Dance Minor
• Theatre Minor
• Women's Studies Minor

More than 3,700 undergraduate and graduate students are pursuing a degree in the College of Arts and Sciences. Students  participate in research, study abroad programs, field trips, internships and community activities.


Majors and Minors


Student Affairs

Student Organizations

Our college has over 250 full-time faculty and staff. Our faculty are recognized researchers and scholars in their academic areas.


Click here for a list of all Arts and Sciences committees including current members.

Faculty Awards


Our 18 academic departments and two programs offer more than 50 percent of all student credit hours at ETSU. We also house three Centers of Excellence, three museums and galleries.




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The College of Arts & Sciences has several different initiatives and endowments that would benefit from your financial contributions.

Contact our development directors, (423-439-5676) or (423-439-5775), for more information about ways to support the College.

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Student Affairs

Click here to go to the College of Arts and Sciences Student Affairs website to see how to add/drop courses, request overloads or catalog extensions, make a grade appeal, resolve charges of academic misconduct and more.

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