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College of Arts & Sciences

Alumni and Friends Who Have Donated to the Chemistry Department
since July 2012

  • Ms. L. Jane Adams
  • Dr. Walter E. Beasley
  • Mr. Kenneth O. Clark
  • Ms. Cheri A. Clavier
  • Mrs. Robert L. Combs
  • Dr. Joseph A. Deloach
  • Dr. and Mrs. William Dotson
  • Eastman Chemical Company
  • Ms. Barbara Fuches
  • Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gillenwater
  • Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Griffin
  • Ms. Tabatha Hilton
  • Dr. Karen House-Pompeo
  • Mrs. Nancy Jackson
  • Mr. Jianxing Kang
  • Dr. Thomas E. Lester
  • Mr. Bruce W. Lyttle
  • Mr. Billy W. Qualls
  • Mr. & Mrs. Andrew J. Sensabaugh, Jr,
  • Ms. Kathryn G. Severin
  • Dr. & Mrs. S. Dexter Squibb
  • Ms. Kristina Stoots
  • Mr. Charles E. Sumner, Jr.
  • Mr. & Mrs. James Sutherland
  • Mr. Hugh Thompson, Jr.
  • Ltc. and Mrs. Marion White
  • Mr. & Mrs. John C. Whitehead
  • Mr. & Mrs. T.W. Whitehead
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