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Communication & Performance

College of Arts & Sciences

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Jamie Sproles
MA Professional Communication
Alumni Coordinator


Meet Our Graduates

Alan Claxton

Alana Claxton
B.A., Communication Studies, 2017
M.A. Professional Communication, 2019

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Specialist 

The Department of Communication & Performance helped me tremendously during my post-graduation job search. Throughout my undergraduate and graduate experiences, I had the opportunity to strengthen my oral and written communication skills. Though easy to discount, it was those very soft skills that got me an interview and subsequent position at my current job. As my employer pointed out, I was one of the few individuals who bothered to write a cover letter, something I was well prepared to do thanks to my experience in the Comm Studies department. Moreover, my ability to conduct myself professionally and respond to difficult questions earnestly and intelligently helped me land a position I had practically zero experience in. For that, I fully credit the numerous mentorships, presentations, class discussions, and leadership opportunities I was a part of during my years in the department. Lastly, several professors made it a point to share practical job hunting that helped mentally prepare me for the long, tedious, and oftentimes frustrating job search process. Overall, I am extremely grateful for the Department of Communication & Performance and am proud to have been a part of such a giving and enriching community. 

Kallie Gay

Kallie Gay
M.A. Communication and Storytelling, 2019

Lecturer in Communication Studies, ETSU

The Communication & Storytelling Studies Master’s Program was a transformative experience in my life. I discovered a passion for qualitative research and embraced its potential to bring unheard stories to light in a way that is engaging and accessible. While I did not have a background in Communication Studies before entering the program, I was able to successfully navigate the program thanks to the Department of Communication & Performance’s supportive faculty, the comradery of fellow graduate students, and the abundance of resources offered by ETSU’s Sherrod Library.

Matthew Dagget

Matthew Daggett
M.A. Communication and Storytelling, 2019

My time and education at ETSU has given me many tools and skills to use throughout life, including an empathetic mindset. I have learned to place myself in the shoes of others during each encounter I have. I try to see from their perspective so I can see where they are coming from so that we can best understand each other and accomplish the most out of every interaction and conversation. 

Tama Lunceford

Tama Lunceford
M.A. Communication and Storytelling, 2019


The faculty fostered in me confidence and provided the tools to not only grow and expand my potential but also to embrace possibilities I had never before considered.

Julliette Guerrault

Juliette Guerrault
M.A. Professional Communication,  2017

Public Speaking Architect

I must say that I often miss the awesomeness of this program and the professors. More seriously, what I have learned during those two years helped me kill my job interviews and also gave me essential skills I was able to use in the position I had. But more importantly this program inspired me to create my own company; I call myself a public speaking architect because I help people who want to write and deliver a speech (whether they are beginners or not); who are experts in their area but do not know where to start.



Alum Name


Constructing a Celtic Identity in the Contemporary United States (Capstone)

Lisa Kristi Rivas Israel 


The Revolutionary Narrative of Olaudah Equiano: Crafting Historical Solo Performance (Capstone)

John Brooks 


Digging into Playwriting (Capstone)

Gleason Holt

Mystery, Mirth, & Magic: A True Houdini Experience (Capstone)

Brandon Bragg

The Tale of Three Sisters and the Horsemen (Capstone)

Charis Hickson

Mountain Empire Literacy Outreach: Literacy Through A Community Based Organization Action Research Study (Capstone)

Wendolin Elrod 

Opal Clark on Directing Stop Kiss: An Exploration of the Directorial Process (Capstone)

Opal Clark 

Who Am I? Discovering My Stage Persona (Capstone)

Lindsay Lee 

Combining Storytelling and Cross-Age Teaching in a Curriculum to Learn About Race and Culture (Capstone)

Tzitel Voss

The Capstone Project: An Analysis of Courtroom Storytelling (Capstone)

Chris Adams 

"An Analysis of the East Tennessee State University Student Government Association through the Organizational Socialization Process" by Jennifer M. Bartell

"Coffee shops and third space: Communicative practices in-between" by Rebekah L. Cisney

"Co-Constructing a Mother" by Alana Claxton

"A Traditionally Modern “Princess”: Gender Stereotypes in Disney’s Moana" by Alexandra Drumwright-Ward

"Interpersonal Deception Theory and Factitious Disorders: An Autoethnographic Study" by SaraBeth Harrill

"Names and the Process of Identity: An Autoethnographic Approach to Becoming Someone Else" by Hal Hughes

"Exploring Perceptions of Leadership Created Through Communication: A Qualitative Study About Generation Z College Students" by Zachary Hughes

"Creating Gender in Disney/Pixar's WALL-E" by Brittany Long

"Miracle of Life My Ass: A Study of Gender and Pregnancy Discourse in Wynonna Earp" by Mykala Reynolds

"Academic Partnership: The Impact of Student-Faculty Interaction on Undergraduate Students’ Success" by Samuel Sevigny

"Trauma, Identity and Equestrianism" by Lauren Smith

Year Inducted:

Dr. Carl Brown

Marjorie Shaefer

Communication Studies



Adriane Flanary

Jamie Collier Sproles

C. Ellen Young

Brenda White Wright

Communication Studies

Communication Studies

Communication Studies 



LaKesha Anderson

Peter Cook

Communication Studies



Kathryn Duvall

Heather Forest

Communication Studies



Amber Phillips Maxwell

Communication Studies


Jeweline Franklin Clemons

Communication Studies


Kate McNeill

Communication Studies


Daniel Emmel

Communication Studies

Undergraduate Alumni

Senior Sales Specialist in Opthalmics, Shire Pharmaceuticals
Senior Government Loan Representative, Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc.
Marriage and Family Therapist, Richmond Graduate University, Chattanooga, TN
Director of First Impressions, Keller Williams Realty
IT Project Manager, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Washington D.C. 
Pharmaceutical Sales Rep, Allergan Pharmaceuticals
AppleCare Support, Apple
Cake decorator, Walmart
Worship Pastor, Tri-Cities Baptist Church
Project Management Analyst, Mosaic Life Care Kansas City, MO
Customer Care Representative, Elavon Inc.
Communications Coordinator, International Storytelling Center
Farmers Market Co-Manager, ETSU
Front End Clerk, Gray Pharmacy
New Student & Family Programs' Graduate Assistant for Student Leadership, Clemson University
Enrollment Counselor, King University School of Nursing
Enrollment Counselor, Adult and Graduate Studies, Colorado Christian University
Voluntary Benefits Specialist, Unum Insurance
Sales Representative, Red Ventures
Executive Senior Manager, Allied Dispatch Solutions
Volunteer Engagement Coordinator, South Bay Community Services
Regulatory Affairs Specialist, Cook Medical Endoscopy Division
Business Development Team, Legal Department of TriNet HR Corporation
Information Technology Project Manager, DIT Engineering
Program Instructor, Brother’s Keeper
Infantry,  Army National Guard
Assistant Director, Drexel University
Counselor, Covenant Counseling Center
Manager, The STURM Center: Behavioral Health Center for Veterans, Service Members, and Their Families
Salon Director, Sun Tan City 
Coordinator of Alumni Outreach, National Alumni Association ETSU
Occupancy Specialist, Johnson City Housing Authority
Associate Manager, American Institutes of Certified Public Accountants

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