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Department of Psychology

College of Arts & Sciences

PhD in Psychology Handbook

 2017-2018 PhD in Psychology Handbook

  Table of Contents

  1. Preface
  2. Commitment to Inclusivity
  3. ETSU Mission and Statement of Purpose
  4. Institutional Values
  5. Student Conduct
  6. Full-time Faculty Listing
  7. Admission Requirements
  8. Descriptions of Concentrations
  9. Experimental
  10. Clinical
  11. Course Descriptions
  12. Masters Degree Requirements
  13. Doctoral Preliminary Project
  14. Doctoral Dissertation
  15. Teaching Experience
  16. Research Experience
  17. Clinical Training Sequence
  18. Annual Evaluations
  19. Professional Development and Lifelong Learning
  20. Resources for Students
  21. Student Technical Help
  22. School of Graduate Studies
  23. Finances
  24. Departmental Administrative Support
  25. Student and Professional Associations
  26. Frequently Asked Questions
  27. APA Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct
  28. Policies and Procedures
  29. Grievances Policy and Resolution of Conflicts
  30. Department of Psychology Progressive Remediation

Clinical Concentration Handbook Appendices

Benchmarks for Matriculation Progress
BHWC Training Goals
Clinical Program Forms
Externship Face Sheets
Revised CCF 
Clinical Student Evaluation Forms

Experimental Concentration Handbook Appendices

Experimental Program Forms
Experimental Student Evaluation Forms 
Experimental Masters Curriculum Sheet
Experimental Sheet PhD Curriculum Sheet

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