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Field Education

Department of Social Work

Educational Objectives

In order to successfully complete the field placement, each student is expected to satisfactorily demonstrate the following:

  1. An ability to apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills to social work practice situations by drawing on the profession's value and knowledge base.
  2. An ability to apply empirically based theoretical frameworks to understand individual development and behavior across the life span using an ecosystems perspective
  3. Behavior and interventions that are consistent with social work values and ethics
  4. Knowledge of the forms and mechanisms of oppression and discrimination, as well as the strategies of change that advance social and economic justice.
  5. A beginning professional level of written and oral communication skills
  6. An ability to engage in a wide range of generalist roles in intervening at various levels of practice
  7. An ability to form effective professional relationships with clients and other professionals
  8. An ability to appropriately use supervision to enhance learning and development
  9. An ability to effectively and productively use agency structure, historical perspectives, policies, and procedures to carry out service delivery, and to seek organizational change when indicated
  10. An ability to critically assess, implement, and evaluate agency and other social welfare policies
  11. Effective use of local and regional resources as part of intervention plans
  12. An ability to accept, understand, respect, and relate to various client populations
  13. Appropriate professional decorum and workload management
  14. An ability to apply research principles and techniques to practice and evaluation of practice effectiveness
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