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Child Study Center

Center of Excellence for Early Childhood Learning & Development

Child Study Center


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 completed block structure

Investigating Spatial and Symmetrical Relationships

with Building Blocks


girl shopping for books at book fair

The Book Fair

The Dragonflies learn about money while shopping for books...


girl assembles paper airplane

Aerodynamics For Beginners 

Can young children really study aerodynamics? Why not? It all starts somewhere.


girl observing her shadow

Shadows, Light, and Reflections

The interaction of light and shadows leads to other discoveries...


colored flowers 

Dragonflies Learn About Absorption

Mrs. Jackie brought in Crazy Daisies on Monday for the children to cut and have in the classroom. After the flowers were cut, the children were talking about the colors. That sparked a discussion...


cup with water and "magic sand"

"Magic Sand"

Dragonflies experiment with "magic Sand" and share their observations.


children constructing farm from toys

 Crickets Go "Down By The Barn".

The Crickets learn about life on the farm and all the hard work involved in keeping the livestock sheltered and fed.


girl exploring potting soil

Happy Spring! Fireflies Look At Gardening

As the weather gets warmer and the plants and vegetation begin to bloom, the Fireflies find opportunities for for learning about plants and gardening!


children making charts

Why Snow Melts - Ladybug Reflections

The Ladybugs put some snow away for a rainy day (no pun intended). The teachers asked them to put on their scientific hats to guess what would make snow melt. Click here for some of their answers!


finding volcanoes on a map

The Ladybug’s Investigation of Volcanoes

Because these children had been investigating fire fighting as toddlers, they became interested in volcanoes because they also have fire. So, our journey began into an investigation of volcanoes.

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