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Annual Early Childhood Conference

Center of Excellence in Early Childhood Learning & Development

Featured Musician

Red Grammer Sessions

Red PromoBucket Filling - Singing Our Way to Kinder, Happier Classrooms with Bucketfilling
Bucket Filling is a simple but profoundly effective way of encouraging children to be more thoughtful and caring, and to exercise their ability to have a positive impact on others. In this music-filled, highly interactive presentation, Red brings the principles of Bucket Filling vibrantly to life, showing how music, stories, and an openness of heart can uncover the hidden Bucket Filler in every child (and adult). No musical talent required.

Every Teacher's Best Friend: Music!
Teachers face countless challenges every day, often unaware that they have a powerful “best friend” waiting in the wings. Want to encourage positive behavior, reduce stress, enrich vocabulary, help struggling readers, build classroom community, deepen relationships with parents, and bring laughter and joy to your classroom without ever having to say a word? You can do all this and more with music! In this joyful and highly interactive presentation, Red shows how every teacher, musically inclined or not, can use the “stickiness” of music to bring new life and fresh neural connections to everything you do.

Hello World! Embracing and Celebrating Diversity through Music and Movement
All children have a need to be seen and their self-concept nourished. In our increasingly inter-connected world, our students come from a broader range of cultural backgrounds than ever before, presenting students and teachers with the opportunity of developing an open-hearted and embracing stance to those different than themselves and skills that enrich, expand, and nourish the lives of all involved. This presentation shows participants how to use music and movement, humor and play, to orient their classrooms into a lively, resilient posture of lifelong cultural learning and awareness.

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