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Annual Early Childhood Conference

Center of Excellence in Early Childhood Learning & Development

Conference Overview

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On behalf of the Center of Excellence in Early Childhood Learning and Development at the East Tennessee State University, we would like to extend a warm welcome to the 59th ETSU Annual Early Childhood Conference at the Meadowview Conference Resort & Convention Center in Kingsport, TN!

Serving over 1000 early childhood educators in TN and neighboring states, our conference focuses on top-quality professional development for educators working with young children birth to age 8. In 2017, we moved to a new conference facility offering expanded spaces for keynotes, featured and general sessions, music performances, meetings, networking, research posters, and a 34,000 sq. ft. convention center with exhibits and dining spaces. Our conference will be at this scenic Meadowview Convention Center in Kingsport, TN (1901 Meadowview Parkway) from July 11 – 13, 2019. Online Registration will open soon!

As the ETSU Annual Early Childhood Conference approaches its 60th anniversary we are proud to have featured a number of highly regarded speakers, presenters, educators, musicians, authors, and artists. Here is a partial listing from the last decade:

Al Rosso | Alissa Lange | Andrea Alexander | Andrew Stremmel | Anne Sibley O'Brien | Arianna Ross | Beth VanMeeteren | Bev Bos | Brady Rymer | Brian Puerling | Carol Russell | Carol Trivette | Carl Dunst | Carole Stephens | Carrie Lynne Draper | Cate Heroman | Cheri Lindsley | Cheryl Smith Turner | Christy Isbell | Cindy Hoisington | Connie Casha | Daniel Hodgins | Deb Curtis et al | Debbie Clement | Debbie Diller | Deborah Rowe | Denise Fleming | Diane Trister Dodge | Don Monopoli | Donna Knoell | Douglas Clements | Eric Jensen | Gabriel Guyton | Laura Martin | Ginny Luther | Isabel Baker | Jack Hartman | Jana Crosby | Jean Feldman | Jeanne Goldhaber | Jennifer Daniels | Jennifer Thompson | Jim Gill | Jim Weiss | John Almarode | John Nimmo | John Wheeler | James Fox | Julie Smith | Karen Nemeth | Katherine Dines | Kathryn Sharp | Larry Griffin | Laura Justice | Laurie Clements | Lella Gandini | Lester Laminack | Linda Sitton | Lisa Vinson Maddox | Lise Fox | Lissy Gloecker | Maria Sargent | Mary Ann Kohl | Mary Donnegan-Ritter | Mary Jo Huff | Matt Glover | Michael Levine | Michele Valeri | Michelle Washington Wilson | Mindy Kronenberg | Nancy Wisker | Dinah Zike | Pam Evanshen | Janet Faulk | Patricia Hunter McGrath | Peggy Ashbrook | Rebecca Isbell | Red Grammer | Rheta DeVries | Christie Sales | Rosemary Agoglia | Eric Carle | Rosemary Geiken | Laura Barnett | Stephanie Stephens | Ruster Keeler/Earthplay | Sherri Peterson | Shirley Raines | Sue Bredekamp | Sue O'Connell | Susan Wirth | Tanny McGregor | Thomas Moore | Vickie Stoecklin | Will Parnell | Yasmin Dorrian Henning



  • Exploring different approaches to working with materials
  • Getting creative during hands-on session
  • All aboard! Bus tour prepares to depart.
  • Opportunities abound for making connections.
  • Teamwork helps with problem solving.
  • Using creativity in the classroom.
  • Science prompts language exploration.
  • Developing language and literacy by studying  mealworms.
  • Cheryl Turner discusses the principles of self-regulation.
  • Jennifer Daniels demonstrates music for literacy development.
  • Dean Aloia addressing conference attendees.
  • Volunteers staff registration tables.
  • Dr. Lise Fox discusses social emotional development.
  • Jennifer Daniels presents a popular session.
  • Doctoral students examine research poster.



Conference Board
2019 Conference Board



Continuing Education and Academic Credit

2019 Continuing Education Units (CEUs):

Participants can pre-register for CEUs online at a reduced rate when they register together for the conference. CEU certificates will be available for the Pre-conference (6 hours or .6 CEU), one day (6 hours or .6 CEU), two days (12 hours or 1.2 CEU), or full three day conference attendance (18 hours or 1.8 CEU). Pre-registered attendees ONLY can pick up their certificates on Friday or Saturday, after the sessions (4 pm). CEU staff will NOT be present on Thursday, preconference day. Please know that ETSU Office of Professional Development will not issue a certificate of completion in addition to a CEU certificate. Please use the certificate of completion printed inside the conference brochure.

Those registering for CEUs at the conference must fill in a registration form (pick up in the morning during Registration), and pay a regular CEU fee after 4 pm on Friday and Saturday directly to the ETSU Office of Professional Development/CEU staff. You will also be responsible for providing a copy of a filled conference evaluation, which serves as an evidence of your completed attendance. The certificates, then, will be mailed to you.

NO pre-registered CEU certificates will be mailed, unless there is a special arrangement with Darla Dye, the Director of ETSU Office of Professional Development ( ETSU Center of Excellence in Early Childhood Learning and Development will not be responsible for CEU mailing arrangements. You may not leave the conference early and expect that your CEU certificate will be mailed to you, or ask another attendee or a friend to pick up your certificate.

*This program has been reviewed and approved for a maximum of 1.8 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) by the Office of Professional Development at East Tennessee State University.

Academic Credit:

To earn one (1) hour of academic credit, you must pre-register for the course and pay appropriate university fees. Those wanting academic credit should not register for the conference. Currently enrolled ETSU students should register for the course through Goldlink. New and returning students should contact Dr. Jane Broderick.

Dr. Jane Broderick will teach the Special Topics course ECED—4957 for undergraduate credit and ECED–5957 for graduate credit. In addition to attending the entire two-day conference there will be a class meeting session on Thursday evening (July 11) from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. and Saturday afternoon (July 13) from 4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Direct questions about academic credit to: Dr. Jane Broderick E-mail: , Phone: 423-439-7695



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