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Department of Early Childhood Education

College of Education

Early Childhood Education


ECE Faculty 2019

Front Row (L to R): Dr. Alissa Lange, Associate Professor; Dr. Amy Malkus, Graduate Coordinator; Angela Shelton, Clinical Instructor and Field Supervisor; Kim Cassell, Master Clinician; Dr. Ruth Facun-Granadozo, Assistant Professor. Middle Row (L to R): Dr. Pam Evanshen, Department Chair and Doctoral Program Co-Coordinator; Dr. Carol Trivette, Professor; Dr. Julia Atiles, Undergraduate Program Coordinator, Early Care and Education;  Kathy Greer, Cohort Advisor. Back Row (L to R): Dr. Kathryn Sharp, Undergraduate Program Coordinator, PreK-3; Dr. Charity Hensley-Pipkin, Full-Time Temp; Dr. Jane Broderick, Doctoral Program Co-Coordinator and Early Childhood Emergent Inquiry Certificate Coordinator; Nicky Ridley, Executive Aide; Ann Disque, Instructor. 

Welcome to the home page for the Department of Early Childhood Education  in the Clemmer College.  We are proud to be among the few, if not only, departments in the US devoted solely to Early Childhood Education. On July 1, 2016, the Department of Teaching and Learning was reorganized into two separate departments: The Department of Early Childhood Education, and the Department of Educational Foundations and Special Education. On that date, the Early Childhood Education program became the Department of Early Childhood Education. The purpose of the site is to provide current and accurate information about the Early Childhood Education department.  Click on any of the navigation links to investigate our site!MISSION

The Department of Early Childhood Education believes that students and faculty are reflective partners actively engaged in a continual learning process to gain the knowledge, skills and dispositions to be teachers, researchers, professionals and leaders in early care and education.

Students and faculty:

  • Engage  in innovative and effective learning experiences that positively impact their lives as well as children, families and the global community.
  • Advocate for the early care and education profession.
  • Demonstrate excellence in early care and education through the understanding and application of theory, research and practice in a variety of real-world settings.
  • Appreciate the uniqueness of each individual when preparing the teaching and learning environment.
  • Honor the culture and diversity of ALL children and families within a changing global and technological society.



Inspire. Advocate. Impact.

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