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Clemmer College

East Tennessee State University

Admission Criteria

Five Steps


Pre-Admitted Status


Criteria for admission to teacher education


Submitted Teacher Board Application


Placement in Residency


Apply for Tennessee Teaching Licensure


More information concerning each step of the Admission Criteria at: Teacher Education Admission Criteria

General Education Requirements

General Education Requirements for admission to Teacher Education. Computation Sheet


Teacher Candidate Electronic Portfolio Manual is now to be completed in Livetext.

Admission Board Deadlines

All board applications MUST include a completed program of study reflecting the student's catalog year.  Students are provided a program of study when starting a file in Warf-Pickel, Room 321, which is to be used as a guide when meeting this requirement.  Blank copies can be printed from the list on the Program of Study Page.

2018 Application Deadlines:

April 27, 2018, 4:30pm
August 3, 2018, 4:30pm
November 30, 2018, 4:30pm

2019 Application Deadlines:

April 26, 2019, 4:30pm
August 2, 2019, 4:30pm
November 22, 2019, 4:30pm

Interview Dates:

To be announced by each department (Usually 2-3 weeks after application deadlines).


Students are eligible to go before the board if you have:

Completed a background check (must be less than a year old- ask for
other guidelines in 321 Warf-Pickel).

Completed at least 32 semester hours of GENERAL EDUCATION coursework (must have a grade of ‘C’ or higher in math, English and science):

General Coursework:

  • 6 hrs. English
  • 8 hrs. Science
  • 3-4 hrs. Math

Plus 15 additional hours:

  • History, Speech
  • Humanities & Fine Arts
  • Social Behavioral Sciences 



Completed CSCI 1100 or passed UIT Proficiency Exam.

Completed EDFN 2100 and EDFN 2300 with grades of “B-” or above.

Have at least a 2.75 calculated GPA from GENERAL EDUCATION coursework and an overall GPA of 2.75. Passing scores on the Praxis Core or PPST (Praxis I). Students who score at least 22 on the ACT (21 prior to 10/89) or 1020 math and verbal on the SAT (920 prior to 4/1/95) are exempt from the Core / PPST requirement. 

Started a file in the Clemmer College, Office of Student Services,
321 Warf-Pickel Hall.

NOTE: These requirements are for those students under the 2013/2014 or
newer catalogs. Those students under an earlier catalog will follow the previous requirements. For details, please refer to your admissions criteria sheet in your folder from starting a file in the Clemmer College.

Steps to Take
  • Plan your boards at the earliest possible time so you can complete your program in a timely manner.
  • Print your application from the Clemmer College website (
  • Return the completed application to the Office of Student Services in 321 Warf-Pickel.
  • Check with your program coordinator to schedule your interview and get further instructions.

For More Information Contact:

Joel Tramel or Mary Andrews, 423-439-7626, 321 Warf-Pickel
Dr. Renee Rice Moran (K-5 Interdisciplinary Studies)  
Dr. Kathryn Sharp, Early Childhood Education (PreK-3),
Dr. Kason O'Neil (PE K-12 concentration)  
Dr. Tina Hudson, Special Education (K-12),


An appeals procedure has been instituted for ETSU students who have not fully met requirements for admission to the Teacher Education Program because of unsatisfactory scores on the Praxis I (previously called the Pre-Professional Skills Test) or who, because of other program requirements, may not continue to progress through the Teacher Education Program. The following guidelines describe those conditions under which an appeal may be made and lists the steps involved in the process.

All appeal applications must be complete or they will be returned to the student. All Appeals materials must be submitted in a single packet to Joel Tramel, Warf Pickel, 321.

Appeals Application

To submit an Appeals Application outside the deadline dates, contact Joel Tramel at .

Prerequisites for an Appeal

Students who cannot satisfy the admission requirements of Praxis I may appeal ONLY after successfully completing two of the three required areas, and after having taken the
remaining area a minimum of three times and having scored within three (3) points of the required score. Additionally, to be eligible to submit an appeal, students must be ETSU

Students who wish to appeal other requirements must present evidence of having followed all available due process procedures before initiating an appeal.

Composition of the Appeals Committee

The Appeals Committee is composed of a representative of each department in the Clemmer College and a practitioner appointed by the Dean. The Associate Dean and a Professional Advisor serve as Ex-Officio members.


Students are eligible to appeal under the following conditions:

  • When the minimum required score on one part of the Praxis I has not been achieved after a minimum of three attempts at the tests with the highest score being within three points of the required score. (The remaining two areas must have been passed prior to initiating an appeal.)

Minimum Test Scores for Praxis I

Required Score
  • When the reason(s) for denial of admission are related to non-academic measures.
  • When either academic or non-academic requirements preclude a candidate from
    continuing in the Teacher Education Program.

Appeals are available for test score deficiencies and other problems that preclude a candidate from advancing in the Teacher Education Program, other than GPA requirements. Candidates must have the required minimum GPA (2.5 from the General Education core calculation) for admission to the Teacher Education Program.


  • Complete the Application to Appeal Form.
  • Submit a word-processed letter of justification explaining what is being appealed and why you feel an appeal should be granted to you.

    Your letter must reflect the following information:
      • A defensible case that provides strong evidence that you possess the necessary attributes to be a "good risk" candidate for the profession.
      • Strong evidence that you have made serious attempts to remediate the Praxis I area in which your score was deficient before retaking that part of the examination. For example: Tutoring, study materials, taking courses pertinent to deficient area, etc. You must have pursued multiple avenues to increase your skills. Just using study materials and retaking the test multiple times will not be considered serious attempts to remediate the area in which your performance is deficient.
  • Include at least two letters of support for your case. Both must be from instructors who are familiar with your academic work. At least one of these letters MUST be from an instructor in the Clemmer College.
  • Include a transcript from ETSU Registrar’s Office (This MUST be requested two weeks in advance.)
  • Complete the General Education Computation Sheet
  • Complete a Program of Study with grades filled in. Do NOT simply copy the program of study you have for your records. Print a new POS per your catalog year and use the one you received when you started your file as a guide. This should be neat.
  • Provide Praxis I Scores (You cannot appeal for test scores unless you have passed two sections of Praxis I and have taken the remaining test three times, scoring within three (3) points of the required score): Include copies of all test reports from ETS to verify your Praxis I scores.
  • You may be asked to appear for a personal interview before the appeals committee. You will be provided with approximately 10 minutes for the purpose of summarizing your reasons for appeal. Following your presentation, members of the committee may choose to ask you questions.
  • At the conclusion of the question and answer period, you will be asked to leave and will be notified of the committee's decision immediately after the meeting. Written notification will follow within two weeks of the committee’s deliberation. A letter will be filed in your records indicating the committee’s decision relative to your appeal.


Appeals during Fall Semester

Admission to Teacher Education appeals deadline for priority registration:

  • On or before September 15th
  • On or before December 16th

Appeals during Spring Semester

Admission to Teacher Education appeals deadline for priority registration:

  • On or before February 15th
  • On or before April 15th

Appeals during Summer Semester

Admission to Teacher Education appeals deadline for priority registration:

  • On or before June 15th
  • On or before July 31st

The committee will meet shortly after each noted deadline date.


For More Information

The Boarding Process Overview

Mary Andrews, an Academic Counselor in the Office of Student Services, presents an overview of the boarding process that can also be seen on the CCOE Youtube Channel.

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