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College of Education

Letter from Director

Dear Teacher Candidate,

Congratulations on reaching an important mile-marker on your road to becoming a teacher: The regular coursework is behind you, and it's time to put to good use the many things you have learned in the classroom. The residency component of your educational program will be challenging, exciting, and rewarding.

Even though you will be working in a classroom environment which was established prior to your arrival, there will still be room for you to use creative techniques in your lessons. Your success this semester will depend on your ability to make plans, to change them, to teach, and to reteach.

Don't hesitate to take the opportunity to contribute to the educational program in your classroom. Your mentor teacher will appreciate having you as a team member. Also, use every opportunity to solicit ideas from your mentor which will add to your storehouse of instructional techniques.

It is hopeful that this experience will provide you the opportunity to grow in your own ability to perceive the strengths of your students and to be skillful in using this knowledge to motivate them so they too will be successful. "Success breeds success."

I am available to assist you with any area of concern. It is my sincere desire for you to have an internship on which you will look back with a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment.


Dr. Tammy Barnes, Director of Teacher Education and Field Experiences






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