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Academic and Faculty Affairs

Quillen College of Medicine

ETSU College of Medicine

Each course and clerkship director is responsible for compiling and timely submission of a written course syllabus, distributed via hard copy, email, or posting through D2L.

Content of Syllabus

This document should carefully outline what the student is expected to learn. All syllabi should contain but not be limited to the following information:

  • Course or clerkship goals
  • Measurable learning objectives
  • Methods of instruction
  • Class attendance policy
  • Course methodology
  • Evaluation of students / QCOM Grading Policy / Course details
  • Expectations related to professional behavior (list of examples of unprofessional behavior)

Course Evaluation:  The Office of Academic Affairs will obtain from a non-cognitive evaluation on each student.  Medical students are to submit an online evaluation of every course.  Timely completion of evaluations is required. Student feedback is essential for curriculum planning.

Daily Course Schedule:  A daily course schedule with topics and room assignment if other than the auditorium.  (Reservation required for rooms other than the auditoria).

Tutoring:  The Office of Student Affairs will make tutors available to any QCOM student.  Contact Student Affairs at 439-2037.

Counseling:  Confidential academic counseling is available from Dr. Jean Daniels in the Department of Learning Resources (439-2408; Confidential personal counseling is available through the Professional and Academic Resource Center – PARC (Mr. Phil Steffey, 232-0275 or pager 917-3933).

Textbooks:  Required and supplementary reading resources in addition to the required textbooks, it is recommended that you consider purchasing board review books that best match your learning style.  These are available through the COM Bookstore (423) 926-0833.

[If applicable]  Recorded information is protected through password access to D2L, stored on a streaming server (not able to down-load content) with notation added to the D2L site:  NOTE:  Appropriate use of electronic material is governed by copyright and Intellectual Property Laws.

Student Procedures for Special Services (ADA):

ABSENT A LETTER FROM DISABILITY SERVICES, STUDENTS ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR ACCOMMODATION.  The following statement should be included in all course and clerkship syllabi:

It is the policy of ETSU to accommodate students with disabilities, pursuant to federal law, state law and the University's commitment to equal educational access.  Any student with a disability who needs accommodations, for example arrangement for examinations or seating placement, should inform the instructor at the beginning of the course.

All students seeking accommodation for disabilities are to contact Ms. Linda Gibson, M.Ed., Director, ADA Coordinator for Disability Services at East Tennessee State University (439-8346).  Faculty accommodation forms are provided to students through Disability Services in the D. P. Culp center, Suite A.

Inclement Weather Policy
When a decision to close is reached, the notice will be posted on GoldAlert, the University's main web page, and campus and local radio and TV stations will be notified. Gold Alert text messages (requires individual setup) will report any changes to regularly scheduled class activities.

All students (including College of Medicine students) - are to govern themselves according to the status as reported by this station or web site for the University. Every effort will be made to quickly reschedule missed class time on a week day, however, makeup classes may be required on Saturday.

Policy on Modification of Published Examination Schedule (Form)

Policy on requesting exception to published academic calendar / class attendance policy (Form)

Examination Policy:  Effective August 1, 2009 the following examination policies will be in effect for Quillen College of Medicine.

Students will be allowed to bring in only pencils and a computer (only if a computer is required for the exam).  Books, all electronic devices, and other personal items (including baseball caps) may be left in lockers or car.

Examinations will be proctored by either a staff member or a faculty member from the department responsible for administering the examination.

Students will be required to sign in and sign out if they leave the room to attend to personal needs.  They may not remove any items from the exam room and may not talk with classmates while out of the room.

Other information pertinent to the course / clerkship


Last Updated:  August 16, 2019



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