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Academic and Faculty Affairs

Quillen College of Medicine

The Quillen College of Medicine offers three options in the educational program.  For the most up-to-date requirements and details, please refer to the COM Catalog.

 Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) Degree

The Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree at the Quillen College of Medicine is designed to assist students in gaining the fundamental information, attitudes, skills and practice principles required to enter residency training, while encouraging the lifelong acquisition of knowledge and skills needed to advance the practice of medicine.

Consistent with this institutional purpose, the Medical Student Education Committee has developed Institutional Educational Objectives (IEO) addressing the domains of patient care, knowledge for practice, practice-based learning and improvement, interpersonal and communication skills, professionalism, systems-based practice, interprofessional collaboration, and personal and professional development.

The Quillen College of Medicine M.D. program is typically a four-year curriculum. The first two years (or pre-clerkship phase) focus on the foundational scientific information and its clinical relevance while introducing early clinical skills. The final two years (or clinical/clerkship phase) emphasize the application of foundational material to the care of patients.

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Dual M.D. / M.P.H. Degree

The Doctor of Medicine and Master of Public Health degree (M.D. / M.P.H.) is a five-year dual program.

Students at East Tennessee State University's James H. Quillen College of Medicine can simultaneously pursue a master's degree from the ETSU College of Public Health in addition to their medical degree, a dual track designed to provide future physicians a broad perspective that could help solve health problems on a large scale.  This is an ideal choice for physicians who want to pursue a career in academic medicine or public health, or public health leadership at the local, state or federal level.

Before finishing the doctorate degree at the College of Medicine, students will take one year off from the Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree to finish the Master of Public Health (M.P.H.) degree with the College of Public Health.  After their third year of medical school, students will devote one year to the master's program in public health before returning for a final year at the College of Medicine.

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Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Biomedical Science (Ph.D.)

The Doctor of Philosophy in Biomedical Science degree (Ph.D.) is offered through the School of Graduate Studies with courses and research being conducted under the basic science faculty of the Quilllen College of Medicine.

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Last Updated:  05/22/2018

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