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College of Public Health

ETSU College of Public Health Strategic Plan 2008-2013

Through a highly participatory faculty-led process, spanning almost two years, the College has developed a detailed and comprehensive strategic plan, consisting of goals, objectives, and targets for each of its education, research, and service functions for the five-year period 2008-2012.  The College goals and objectives are consistent with the strategic goals and objectives of the University.

The dean convened in January 2007 five faculty and staff workgroups focusing on education; research; faculty and staff recruitment, development, and promotion; service and community relations; and student recruitment and retention.  The workgroups met throughout 2007 and presented draft goals and objectives during a College-wide meeting in November 2007.  The workgroups submitted their final reports to the dean in March 2008.

Simultaneously, four public advisory committees provided input and guidance regarding issues of broad, cross-cutting importance to the College.  Each committee focused on one of the following areas:  field experiences, practical skills of graduates, rural health, and community health priorities.  The committees were chaired by locally recognized experts and included local leaders and college alumni, and where appropriate, students and faculty.  The committees met in early 2008 and provided suggestions and recommendations that were reflected in the strategic plan.

The Accreditation Steering Committee took all of the recommendations from the faculty and staff workgroups and public advisory committees, the vision, mission, and core values, and the 2007 accreditation report and, with these, developed a five year strategic plan.  The dean developed a time-line to assure that all key stakeholdersfaculty, staff, students, university leaders, alumni, community leaders and others, had time to review and comment on the strategic plan before.  The faculty was kept updated on the progress of the strategic plan through regular meetings, periodic newsletters and department chair reports. The faculty and staff studied the strategic plan, made revisions, and finalized it during a College-wide meeting in April 2008.

The College monitored the progress towards achieving the strategic plan targets on an annual basis. The Dean presented the annual progress report as part of his 'state of the college" address at the spring College-wide faculty and staff meetings. The Leadership Council also conducted a midterm review of the strategic plan.

This final report presents performance data for each of the 53 strategic objectives pertaining to the core functions of education, research and service. Of the 53 objectives, the College:

Achieved or exceeded the targets for 41 objectives. For 2 of those objectives, the College experienced variation in achieving the target by degree program.Progressed towards achieving the targets for 9 objectives.Dropped 3 objectives during the midterm review of the plan, 1 of which was no longer applicable due to external factors.

Strategic Plan 2008-2013 Final Report

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