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Radiologic Science

Department of Allied Health Sciences

How to Apply

Admission to the Radiologic Science program is a competitive process and is separate from the student's admission to ETSU A limited number of students are admitted annually.  Please note that the program has one start date per year, and that is for the fall semester.  Each applicant is evaluated on the basis of academic record, clinical observation, and personal interview.

Contact our on-campus advisor, , to schedule an advisement appointment. Periodic advising is recommended.

College of Clinical & Rehabilitative Health Sciences
CCRHS Advising Suite
Lamb Hall 084
Johnson City, TN 37614
Ph: (423) 439-7468


Selection Process Timeline

  1. Apply to the program by March 1
  2. Submit clinical observation form by March 15  (8 hours are required to qualify for an interview; every hour over 8 will count as 1 point/hour up to a total of 10 points)
  3. Schedule and attend a group advisement appointment in March or April (date/time will be scheduled by the applicant after receiving an information letter via e-mail)
  4. Interview in April (date/time will be scheduled by the applicant following the group advisement appointment)
  5. Receive notification of acceptance by May 31st
  6. Accept a position as a candidate or alternate by June 10th

Observation Hours

Please carefully review the information provided below prior to completing observation hours.

Observation hours must be completed and logged on the clinical observation form within 6 months of the interview, and the due date is March 15.  Only hours completed in diagnostic radiology will count.  Eight hours are required to qualify for an interview; every hour over 8 will count as 1 point/hour up to a total of 10 points.  Observation hours may be completed at any hospital, including the program's clinical sites.

Prospective students should plan accordingly to NOT carry a phone and wear appropriate dress (casual and no jeans) during observation hours.

 Contact the clinical instructors to schedule observation hours at:
              James H. Quillen VA Medical Center
              LeConte Medical Center

Complete the Ballad Health Observation Form to observe at:
              Bristol Regional Medical Center
              Franklin Woods Hospital
              Hawkins County Memorial Hospital
              Holston Valley Medical Center
              Indian Path Community Hospital          
             Johnson City Medical Center
              Laughlin Memorial Hospital
              Sycamore Shoals Hospital
              Takoma Regional Hospital
              Unicoi County Hospital

Selection Criteria

Admission to the Radiologic Science program is a competitive process and is based on:

Points Criteria
40 Science GPA (at the end of the spring semester)
35 Overall GPA (at the end of the spring semester)
10 Interview
 5 Essay
10 Observation hours (8 hours are required to qualify for an interview; every hour over 8 will count as 1 point/hour up to a total of 10 points)


Candidate Admission Eligibility

Applicants must meet the minimum admission requirements:

  • Minimum college GPA of 2.5 or better on a 4.0 scale
  • Complete prerequisite general core curriculum and other allied health core courses as required with a minimum grade of C- 
  • Complete general core curriculum.  Only 6 credits of general and allied health core curriculum from the freshman and sophomore years may taken during the program of study.
  • Attend a group advisement appointment
  • Interview during the month of April

Program Acceptance

All applicants who interview receive a letter by May 31st, but only those students who are accepted into the program receive detailed information in subsequent e-mails about the following items and must complete them prior to the fall semester:

  • Maintain a college GPA of 2.5 or better on a 4.0 scale
  • Provide a copy and maintain documentation of current Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers CPR certification from the American Heart Association.  Students may elect to register for the CPR class with Ballad Health or other organization of their choice.
  • Complete and submit the health verification, physical exam, and radiation dosimeter forms provided after acceptance to the program. The student incurs cost of the physical.
  • Submit and maintain current records of MMR, tetanus/diphtheria (booster within 10 years), HBV series or titer, 2 Varicella shots or titer, and annual tuberculin skin test.  The student incurs cost for immunizations, titers, and booster shots.  
  • Complete the criminal background check  Students may be denied admission to the program based on criminal background results.
  • Purchase and maintain professional liability insurance coverage
  • Purchase access to the Trajecsys and Truescreen recordkeeping systems
  • Attend the mandatory program orientation scheduled in July/August
  • Female students should be aware of the program's pregnancy policy
  • Students will complete and submit the technical standards form during the mandatory program orientation.
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