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Department of Social Work

College of Clinical and Rehabilitative Health Sciences

ETSU Social Work Department Feature: David Adzrago

Photo of David Adzrago


     ETSU MSW student, David Adzrago, has been working diligently over the last year at one of his field placements with The Friends of Lazarus Internship Program at the Washington County/Johnson City Animal Shelter. The department would like to recognize David’s hard work and his recent feature on WJHL-TV. Over the last two semesters, David has been fulfilling a supervisor role for The Friends of Lazarus Internship Program and he shares that it has been a rewarding experience.

“This program focuses on providing internships for individuals with disabilities in need of learning and obtaining job skills, social skills, and helping build their resumes,” David says. Over the last two semesters, David has been working one-on-one with two program interns, Madeline and Allison, that David says have made significant improvements acquiring job skills, independency, and improving social interactions.

David shares that when working with Madeline and Allison, he primary draws from applied behavior analysis (ABA) and behavior modification techniques to increase motivation and positive behaviors. Some tasks that David completes with his interns are petting and walking the animals, paperwork, material management, socializing with others, and keeping areas clean within the animal shelter.

In addition, David and his supervisor have been developing a reading program for the interns and elementary school students as an after-school program to help further prepare them for the future. “The goal for these programs is for interns to improve their work experience and gain employable skills so that they can become independent members of society, in addition to improve reading abilities of the interns and elementary school students,” says David.

David shares that he has learned a lot at his field placement and has thoroughly enjoyed working with Madeline and Allison. David will be graduating in May this year with his MSW, with plans of continuing pursuit in higher education. His interests lie more in macro social work and working at the community level.  Congratulations David and thank you for all your hard work!

The WJHL-TV broadcast featuring David can be found here:

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