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School of Graduate Studies

Paying for Graduate School

Paying for Graduate School 

Prospective students often have questions about the cost of a graduate education and how to pay for it.

Tuition and Fees
Tuition is based on whether or not one is a resident of Tennessee and the number of credit hours taken in a given semester. In Tennessee, tuition is called a maintenance fee. Student fees comprise another portion of the total amount owed, and these fees are used to support the library, laboratories, and other university infrastructure that benefit students directly. Information about tuition and fees can be found here
There are several avenues that could help you cover the cost of tuition and/or fees. 



ETSU offers some scholarships for domestic and international graduate students. Learn more about scholarship opportunities.


Graduate Assistantships

Across the University, units offer graduate assistantship opportunities. Graduate Assistants (or GAs, as they are often called) can either work in teaching, research, or administrative roles depending upon the position. Graduate assistants receive tuition assistance and a monthly stipend for 9 months. Graduate Assistantships do not cover fees. Stipend amounts vary by programs, with doctoral student stipends typically higher than those for master’s students. Learn more about Graduate Assistantships opportunities.


Tuition Scholarships

Many programs are able to offer Tuition Scholarships to new students. Tuition Scholarship recipients have a service obligation of 120 hours per semester (or about 8 hours per week). Tuition Scholarships offer tuition assistance but no monthly stipend. Fees are not covered. Tuition Scholarships are available only to new students and once awarded can be renewed for the duration of the program.Learn more about Tuition Scholarships opportunities.


Financial Aid

Domestic graduate students are eligible to apply for federal financial aid. The first step in the process is completing the FAFSA. ETSU’s Financial Aid Office offers information about the financial aid process and counselors to help you.


Employee Tuition Assistance

Some companies offer tuition assistance for employees who seek further training, including graduate degrees. Check with your Human Resources department to see if your company does. 


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