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School of Graduate Studies

GA/TS Requirements and Deadlines

Graduate Assistantship / Tuition Scholarship Requirements and Deadlines

The GA/TS requirements and deadlines are being distributed to supervisors on file, program coordinators and department chairs. This is in order to expeditiously relay information about contract due dates, policies and procedures, and other important news relating to graduate assistants and tuition scholars.

***Please note: GA/TS appointments are not completed until the online appointment states complete, all required forms submitted to HR are processed, Financial Aid has posted the GA or TS waiver. Additionally, GLACIER forms must be completed by Ms. Crigger for international students. All fees must be confirmed and paid the Friday before classes begins.

Summer Deadlines

 Preferred date - May 1, 2019 – ALL Summer GA Appointments should be completed online in order to allow time to process the GA before cutoff date. *Remember that GA’s must register for at least six graduate hours in the summer to qualify for a full summer award. If their appointment period is for half of the summer (5/15 – 6/30) OR (7/1– 8/15), three graduate hours is the requirement. There are no TS appointments for summer terms.

Fall Deadlines

Preferred date - August 1, 2018 – GA contracts should be completed online before cutoff date. (See spring requirements for GA/TS.) Preferred date for Tuition Scholarship - August 1, 2019. Tuition Scholarship contracts cannot be processed after classes begin.

Spring Deadlines

Preferred date - January 2, 2019 - GA appointments should be submitted online before HR cutoff of the 10th of the month. The student must be registered for minimum of nine graduate hours and meet all qualifications for a GA (access online handbook for eligibility requirements) Be sure all new graduate assistants complete all the necessary paperwork (ETSU application for employment, I-9, W-4, and Direct Deposit access online. Appointments will not be processed until students are registered and eligible. PLEASE inform your students of requirements to prevent delays by the Graduate School, HR, Financial Aid or Payroll

International Students receiving a GA/TS

Appointment must complete a Best Plus Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) within the first week of classes and should contact Dr. Elhindi by phone 439-5992 or by  or in person at B310 Burleson Hall (English building). International Students must have current GLACIER paperwork on file before he/she will be paid. Please contact Jennifer Crigger by  or phone 439-6887 for more information after you have received an email from the Human Resource department.

Performance Appraisals

Evaluations must be completed for all GA/TS recipients at the end of the appointment. You can download the evaluation form on our web page . If the student is not fulfilling his/her responsibilities, consult with the Graduate School in a timely manner.


If you have GA/TS vacancies in your department, please fill out our vacncies form. We will place it on our vacancy web page.

Resignations, Terminations, and Withdrawals

It is IMPERATIVE the Graduate Studies Office Manager is notified when a student resigns, is terminated, or withdraws from ETSU by email to immediately. Also, a resignation letter with effective date should be sent to Graduate Studies and copy to Pauline Stout in Human Resources, Box 70564,or faxed to ext. 9-8354. With the requirement that all GAs must have direct deposit there have been some problems with GAs receiving a check after they have resigned from their positions. Also, tuition may be owed to ETSU. HR requires a checkout form for resignations, terminations, & withdrawals.

GA/TS Appointment Changes

If there are any changes that need to be made to completed contracts (i.e. salary dollars, account information, tuition information) a revised online GA/TS contract should be submitted. The previous GA/TS appointment will be terminated by Graduate Studies to process the revised appointment, then notifications are sent to Pauline Stout, HR, Amanda Proffitt, Payroll, and April Cheyne, Financial Aid. Any index number changes require Fiscal Year Salary Allocation form. Please contact Pauline Stout, HR, for processing information.


Please inform all of your NEW graduate students that the School of Graduate Studies Orientation date will be posted on our orientation page.



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