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School of Graduate Studies

Professional Development Courses

Professional Development

 The School of Graduate Studies is committed to providing the best professional development opportunities to its students, faculty, and alumni. Listings of professional development courses and opportunities are listed below as they become available. For more information contact the School of Graduate Studies at (423) 439-4221 or by email at .


GRAD 7800: Faculty Technology Leadership I
This course supports faculty interested in technology integration with education. Course content includes the use of course management system applications, multimedia applications, and applications required for efficient and effective delivery of electronic course materials. Production and incorporation of a multimedia learning unit into a course is the capstone project for this course

GRAD 7810: Faculty Technology Leadership II
This course builds on the skills of GRAD 7800 to support faculty interested in the creation of Web-based and Web-enhanced courses. Course content includes the use of advanced course management system applications, Web-based and Web-enhanced pedagogies and mechanics as well as principles of Web-based course design. Production of a Web-based or Web-enhanced course will be the final project for this course.

GRAD 7820: Research Grant Development I
This course exclusively for ETSU faculty members will provide instruction in grant writing, including the development of a long-term research agenda, the identification of funding sources for research, advance planning for grant proposals, and an introduction to writing grant proposals. Permission of instructor is required.

GRAD 7830: Research Grant Development II
This course, exclusively offered to ETSU faculty members, will provide instruction in grant-writing and revision, building upon the development of a long-term research agenda. Participants will develop communications plans for their research and a grant proposal for a funding entity.

GRAD 7850: Mentoring Student Research
The purpose of this course is to provide ETSU faculty with formal instruction on serving as mentors for research students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. The course will help develop faculty skills in various aspects of mentoring, including outlining strategies for recruiting and funding student research; fostering discussion on best practices for effective mentoring; presenting approaches to ensure a successful experience for the student and mentor; discussing real life mentoring problems and identify solutions; and establishing a support group among faculty research mentors.

GRAD 5110: Teaching Pedagogy for the Graduate Teaching Assistant
This course will focus on higher education teaching pedagogy and effectiveness. It is designed to complement discipline-specific activities such as "Supervised Experience in Teaching" courses, and it will emphasize effective communication as well as classroom management strategies. This course has an alternate delivery schedule and has 4 class meetings per term. (Enrollment is by permission of instructor.)

GRAD 4017/5017
This course focuses on ethical principles that guide the conduct of research. It introduces students to the international and professional codes of ethics, government regulations, and institutional policies that relate to the responsible conduct of research. This course is delivered in hybrid mode and has 6 class meetings per term.


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