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Fine & Performing Arts Scholars Program

East Tennessee State University

Benefits & Opportunities


You will be involved in a new program that is specifically designed to educate artists of the 21 st century. The Fine & Performing Arts Scholars Program at ETSU is a unique approach to educating artists of the 21st century. The program is designed to support an interdisciplinary group of student artists who will share the experience of learning about the arts together.


You will push the boundaries, define and construct new works, learn what you'll need to know to survive as an artist, and have the chance to pursue your own major creative works and projects.


But you wont have to do it alone. You will be surrounded and supported by your student colleagues and faculty mentors. They will be your best friends and most honest critics. Students will share your artistic endeavors and part of their coursework with other arts scholars. Students will work closely with exceptional faculty artists in a variety of areas.


Well give you the opportunities to achieve. We hope you will be challenged. We know you can do it.






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