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Midway Honors Scholars

East Tennessee State University

The Academic Experience

To successfully complete the Midway Honors Scholars program and graduate with Midway Honors Scholar noted on your diploma and transcript, you must complete, in addition to a major and minor or concentration:

  • Three honors or honors-enriched courses in your major field of study (variable credit)

    These courses may be designated by an 8 at the end of the course number OR via an -088 section number.  If the course is not regularly offered as an honors course, honors scholars must negotiate with course faculty members to create the honors section and determine the additional or substitute work that will distinguish the course as honors.

  • Four semesters of UHON 3108/4108 Honors Colloquium (4 credits) with all Midway, University and Fine & Performing Arts Scholars

    Collo provides opportunities for new scholars to engage in orientation activities, and all scholars to engage in public service and service-learning, small group activities, personal development, and travel and social activities.

  • UHON 3008 Foundations of Research (2 credits) to prepare for your thesis work

    Foundations of Research is offered to Midway Scholars their first fall semester on campus and offers scholars the opportunity to interview faculty and choose a thesis mentor, develop a research question, complete Ethical Conduct of Research training and produce a thesis prospectus.

  • XXXX-41018 Honors Thesis (6 credits) in your major field of study

    Honors Thesis is a collaborative effort between a faculty mentor of the student's choosing and the student.  The research or creative activity is based in the student's field of study and major department.  However, sometimes students choose to work on research projects in their field of study but in a professional school such as the College of Medicine or Pharmacy or the Physical Therapy Department.  All Honors Scholars complete and present the Honors Thesis prior to graduation;  a copy of the bound thesis is available in the Honors House and online at eThesis.

Thesis Guidelines 

Sample Thesis Title Page

eThesis: ETSUs Electronic Honors Thesis Repository


In addition, Midway Honors Scholars are encouraged to pursue other opportunities such as study abroad a Washington Center Internship, or department or college internships.

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