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The Innovation Laboratory uses four key decision points when admitting start-up companies

  • Technology
  • Management
  • Market
  • Finances

More specifically, early-stage companies should seek to satisfy the following criteria for admission into the Innovation Laboratory

  • Proprietary advanced technology concept or prototype
  • Commercial product, service, or process
  • Qualified management team
  • Distinct market opportunity
  • Company growth potential
  • Potential investor attractiveness
  • Strategic business model

Early-stage technology based companies that meet the above criteria should contact the Innovation Lab. The decision to admit a company is made following a presentation and technical assessment before a review committee.

Contact us at  for more information. 

Selection Criteria

We are focused on four principal client groups which are:

  • Individual Entrepreneurs
  • Innovative small business start-ups
  • Large businesses with projects or technologies to spin-off
  • University and research organizations with opportunities to commercialize

We look for innovations that can add value to the economy through the creation of wealth, job creation or sub-contract opportunities for existing businesses.

After an initial assessment of the technology and review process, the role of the Innovation Laboratory is to facilitate the business development. In-house expertise and resources are available in technical assistance, business management, marketing, and business training. External support can be called upon as required. We focus on a practical, hands-on, team based approach with a commitment to success. If your proposal does not meet our criteria, we will try to redirect you to another more appropriate agency. 

Graduation Criteria

Companies admitted to the ETSU Innovation Laboratory will use their best efforts to meet graduation criteria established by the company management and the Innovation Laboratory. Whether an on-site company or an off-site affiliate company, graduation is expected after achieving one or more of the following:

  • Company reaches maximum allowable stay
  • Company space requirements exceed available space
  • Company has experienced significant revenue growth and/or profitability
  • Company no longer needs or uses business assistance services
  • Company has acquired significant funding, is acquired, or makes a public stock offering
  • Company has a significant product/services sales and/or backlog indicating a customer need
  • Company has a well thought out operating plan and financial backing to carry on outside the Innovation Laboratory.

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