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Bill Gatton College of Pharmacy

East Tennessee State University

The Alumni Society at Bill Gatton College of Pharmacy promotes fellowship among graduates, current students, faculty and staff members.

In addition, The Bill Gatton College of Pharmacy Alumni Society promotes continued development and well-being as an educational community.

The BGCOP Alumni Society......

  • Maintains permanent historical records of Bill Gatton College of Pharmacy and its students
  • Provides support service to Bill Gatton College of Pharmacy Alumni
  • Coordinates Alumni Association activities

Alumni Stories

Reynolds, CarolynCarolyn Reynolds Pharm.D.
At Gatton College of Pharmacy, our student success culture goes beyond just the classroom and graduation. Recently, Gatton College of Pharmacy Alum, Dr. Carolyn Reynolds (Class of 2013) and Dr. Brooks Pond (Pharmaceutical Science Faculty) mentored students in a Biochemistry and Molecular Biology senior seminar at Center College. Both Dr.’s Pond and Reynolds graduated from Center with a Biochemistry and Molecular Biology degree. We are very proud of Dr. Reynolds on her great accomplishments. She is a supervisor of over 20 pharmacists at a Veterans Hospital in Florida.

Bobby LewisBobby Lewis Pharm.D.
I am a graduate of the class of 2012 and while I may have went running out the doors into the great wide world I am going to tell you a few things that I appreciate the most from the Gatton College of Pharmacy.

1)  I learned that while the board exams are stressful, and realistically the scariest part of your life. GCOP prepares it's students in a way that truly made it just another test. Just look at our pass rate vs other colleges, GCOP students are prepared.

2) Family comes first! This is a foundation of the college and they truly lead this ideology by example. You will see faculty family at events, they encourage you to bring yours to every thing they can attend, and offer support to students as if they are their family. Go to other colleges and ask the students how many of their professors have given them a hug simply cause they looked like they could use one today.

3) Leadership. GCOP students are shown by example how to be leaders in the classroom, in their workplace and in the community. The staff strives for students to be leaders in the classroom, educates them to be leaders in the field, and mentored to be leaders in the community since we are the most trusted profession in healthcare. (Just look at alumni stats for PIC's, published pieces, and awards from communities for volunteering etc.)

4) Respect: This is going to sound strange but Gatton has a reputation in the field already. Gatton students are known to be knowledgeable and hard working. Employers know when they hire a Gatton student that they are going to get someone who is going to pass their boards, work hard at their practice site to make it the best it can be, and is going to go above and beyond to take care of their patients. I am telling you from experience this is not the reputation that other schools have earned themselves.  

These are just a few things that made Gatton stand out to me and why I am so proud to call Gatton my home.
Paige SholesPaige Sholes Pharm.D.
My name is Paige Sholes, and I was a member of the first class of the Bill Gatton College of Pharmacy. After graduating in 2010, I began working at Pharmacy Network Services, a long term care pharmacy that services 3500 beds comprised mainly of skilled nursing home beds, assisted living facilities, group homes, correctional facilities, and home health residents. As a consultant pharmacist, I perform medication regimen reviews, inspections of medication carts, inspections of medication rooms, and narcotic destruction at 8 of the facilities we service. I also serve as an admission committee member and preceptor for the Bill Gatton College of Pharmacy, and I am the current secretary/treasurer for the TPA Society of Long Term Care Pharmacists.

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