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Bill Gatton College of Pharmacy

East Tennessee State University

Many individuals graduating from pharmacy residency programs will choose a career path that includes teaching responsibilities in the didactic and/or experiential settings. The purpose of the Gatton College of Pharmacy (GCOP), East Tennessee State University (ETSU) Teaching and Learning Certificate (TLC) program is to provide formal training to prepare residents for future educator roles.

Enrollment in the TLC program is free to residents in member programs of the Tri-Cities Residency Consortium; the 2014-2015 residency program application deadline is July 25, 2014.

Teaching & Learning Certificate Program

Program Description

- Appendix A: Application form

- Appendix B: Program tracker 

- Appendix C: Didactic teaching evaluation form 

- Appendix D: Experiential teaching evaluation form 

- Appendix E: Teaching portfolio evaluation 

Recommended Textbook  "Tools for Teaching" by Barbara Gross Davis"

Didactic Teaching Plan Form


Online Programs

Planning for Effective Teaching

Session 1: Developing a teaching philosophy and portfolio

Session 2: Writing learning objectives that matter

Session 3: Using technology in and out of the classroom

Session 4: Putting together a didactic course

Implementing Teaching and Learning

Session 5: Creating effective cases and leading their discussion

Session 6: Teaching large classes

Session 7: Facilitating small groups

Assessing Student Learning

Session 8: Writing examination questions

Session 9: The scholarship of teaching and learning

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