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Staff Senate

East Tennessee State University

Staff Senate


 Welcome to the East Tennessee State University Staff Senate website. Here you will find information pertaining to our activities, staff awards, resolutions, committees, meetings, constitution, by laws, and terms and EEOC categories as well as links for your suggestions and contact information for each senator.We'd like to thank you for you support and for visiting our website.

Staff Senate Office: 226A Campus Center Building
Office Hours - As Needed
Suggestion Box Located on the Door - Paper and Pencil Available - Box Securely Locked
Online Suggestion Form


Who Are We, and, What Do We Do?

We answer the phones, we pay the bills, we keep the university running. When your computer acts up, you call us.  If the plumbing stops working, after you get excited about it, you call us; we make scholarships happen; we advise and support our students. We are the staff of ETSU.

We represent and reflect the administrators who ensure that student programs and activities outside of the classroom stimulate, support and challenge.

We make sure that the buildings containing our classes, our students, our faculty and ourselves are maintained, repaired, wired, cleaned, lighted and painted.

If you have supplies, we helped make it possible.

It is a certainty that students are our lifeblood; without students, there would be no ETSU.  It's a fact that students must have faculty to teach classes, to guide our students as they earn their degrees.  We applaud, celebrate and support our students and our faculty. 

We feed the vital connections between classes and day-to-day living.  We connect the dots between students, faculty and the community.  We are essential to the success of our University...

We are the Staff Senate of East Tennessee State University and we do what is within our power to represent all of the staff members of East Tennessee State University.


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Shared Governance



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