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Campus Recreation

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Alumni Membership


ETSU Center for Physical Activity (CPA) Alumni Membership

 Policies & Requirements:

ETSU Campus Recreation offers a limited number of memberships to the CPA for ETSU Alumni.  If you are interested in purchasing a CPA Alumni Membership please read the information below.

  • To be eligible for CPA membership ETSU alumni must be current members of the ETSU Alumni Association.

  • All memberships will be purchased in person at the Member Services Desk within The Basler Center for Physical Activity (CPA).  For questions or concerns about membership payment please email or call , 423-439-7986.

  • Alumni members may purchase spouse/domestic partner and/or dependent memberships provided they are a current CPA member. Spouse/domestic partner's and dependent's memberships may only be renewed if the alumni member's membership has been renewed.

  • There is no application fee, however spaces for this membership is limited and will be available on the first-come, first-served basis.
  • CPA Alumni members (or their spouse/domestic partner and dependents) are not eligible to participate in Intramurals or Outdoor Adventure trips.

  • CPA Alumni members cannot reserve CPA or Campus Recreation facilities.

  • NO REFUNDS on memberships will be offered.

  • The CPA is subject to holiday, annual maintenance and inclement weather closings and special academic break and summer hours; schedules and hours updates will be emailed out to Alumni members, posted online and around the CPA. 

 Please note that it may take up to 5 business days to process your application and payment.


  • All Alumni Members will be issued an ETSU ID card for access to the CPA.  It must be swiped every time you enter the CPA.  
  • Parking: You will be issued a parking pass for the lots in front of the CPA (Lots 381 and 382). Parking is limited in these areas.  There is also Lot 22A which is open for CPA parking. 

ETSU CPA Alumni Membership Payment Information

The Alumni Membership will be sold by semesters and up to 3 semesters can be purchased at once.

  • One semester (Fall or Spring) $175, Two Semesters (Fall & Spring) $350, Three Semesters (Summer, Fall, & Spring) $480, Full Summer $130.
  • Spouses/Domestic Partners will be sold at the same price as the Alumni Member.
  • Dependents (16-21) One Semester $75, Two Semesters $150, Three Semesters $210, Full Summer $60.
  • Dependents (15-under) One Semester $45, Two Semesters $90, Three Semesters $120, Full Summer $30.  
    • Dependents who will be using the Casual Care area, will need an Alumni dependent membership, for more information on Casual Care, click here. Below is a listing of what ages have access to with a dependent membership.
  • Prices will be prorated 30 days after the start date of the current semester.

** For safety reasons, children ages 15 and younger will not be permitted in the weight room and cardiovascular equipment area, indoor track/workout area or in fitness classes. Children ages 12-15 may participate on the climbing wall with a parent/guardian present (equipment permitting).

** Listed below are the areas children under the age of 15 years have access to, with the accompaniment of an Guardian:

*12 – 15 Yrs Old: Climbing Wall, Swimming Pool, and Basketball/Racquetball Courts.

*8 – 11 Yrs Old: Swimming Pool and Basketball/Racquetball Courts.

*8 Yrs Old and Younger: Swimming Pool (Guardian must be in the water) and Casual Care.

** Children between the ages of 3 months to 8 years are eligible to use the Casual Care facility - if the child will utilize any of the unrestricted areas of the facility a dependent pass will be required.


 Click here to apply to become a CPA Alumni member today!


  Alumni Association

 If you have further questions please email us at or call (423) 439-7986. 


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