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Counseling Center

Division of Student Life and Enrollment

Suicide & Violence Prevention Presentation

Suicide Prevention Presentation Learning Objectives

  1. Recognize who to contact in case of an emergency, regardless of whether you are on campus or off campus.
  2. Become familiar with BucsPress2 and its purpose; locate the telephone number.
  3. Recall the location of The Counseling Center; locate the telephone number; understand the range of services.
  4. Identify the online suicide prevention workshop, Ask, Listen, Refer; recall how to locate it on The Counseling Center website.
  5. Identify local and national resources that can be used in a time of need.
  6. Locate online mental health screenings found on The Counseling Center website.
  7. Recall college suicide statistics for both the United States and ETSU.
  8. Differentiate between men and women when it comes to suicide.
  9. Recognize mental health stigma, and understand how it affects suicide and suicide prevention.
  10. Recall factors increasing the risk of suicidality.
  11. Learn protective factors that can decrease suicidality.
  12. Recognize warning signs of suicide.
  13. Identify helpful techniques when speaking to someone suicidal.
  14. Understand the importance of the verbiage used when asking someone about suicidal thoughts.


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