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Meet Nawaf Salami!

isNawaf Salami, whose name means “the highest place on Earth,” is from Jeddah, the second-largest city in Saudi Arabia. It is home to the famous King Fahd’s Fountain, the tallest of its type in the world. A coastal city on the Red Sea, Jeddah is known for its beautiful private beaches. It also has a year-round warm climate—Nawaf never had to wear a jacket! Nawaf comes from a large, close-knit family. Some of his siblings work in hospitals, several are in the army, and one is a math teacher. Nawaf is the first in his family to study abroad.

Nawaf studied psychology in Saudi Arabia, but he is working hard to get accepted into the Cardiopulmonary Science – Respiratory Therapist program here at ETSU. He decided to study in the US to have the chance to get a better job. Nawaf received a scholarship through a hospital back home, which allows him to study in the US for 5 years. He began his journey at a language school in New York City. Because of its location in the Empire State Building, Nawaf saw many famous people including soccer players Ronaldinho and Suarez. Andrea Pirlo even studied at the same school! After spending a little over a year in NYC, Nawaf was attracted to ETSU because of the recommendation of a friend who received the same scholarship. He also liked Johnson City’s quiet atmosphere and cheaper cost of living.

Nawaf enjoys learning new languages and hopes to become a polyglot. He is currently working on Japanese and Spanish. He also likes photography, drawing, and dancing. Nawaf takes taekwondo classes, and he jokes that we went to Zumba twice. He is also involved in International Buccaneer Buddies.

Though he misses his family sometimes, Nawaf enjoys the personal freedom of life as a college student here. His goals for the remainder of his time in the US include learning more styles of dance, continuing to improve his language skills, and continuing to learn and experience American life and culture. Nawaf will return to Saudi Arabia after graduation. He will work at the hospital from which he received his scholarship for at least five years. He hopes to one day earn a master’s degree. He also hopes to learn how to play the piano.

We are happy to have you here, Nawaf!


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