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University Advisement Center

East Tennessee State University


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What is Academic Advisement?

Advisement at ETSU is defined as:

"a continuous interactive process between an advisor and a student, which facilitates the development and achievement of the student's overall career and academic goals."

Working With Your Advisor

  • Your advisor is a great resource. Don't hesitate to contact them if you need assistance. We are more than just a registration tool and would prefer to see you frequently throughout the semester - even if it is just to let us know how your semester is going.

  • Check your campus post office box and eMail account at least weekly as some communications contain time sensitive information! Respond in a timely manner to all emails from your Advisor and the University.

  • Work with your Advisor in developing an academic plan through graduation.

Advisement Information and Registration Tips  

  • Make an advisement appointment prior to your scheduled registration date each semester.

  • Registration for summer and fall for returning students is in April.

  • Registration for spring for returning students is in November.

  • Undeclared and Learning Support Program students are required to see an advisor prior to registering.

  • Your advisor will clear your registration hold at your advisement appointment.

  • Early advisement gives students more choices on classes and class times.

  • Take care of registration holds well before registration time (library fines, parking tickets, immunizations, etc.).

  • Make a list of questions to take to your advisement appointment.

  • Use Look Up Classes in the Registration section of GoldLink to choose classes and times that you would like to take. Bring this information to your advisement appointment.

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