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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Who do you tutor?Answer
  2. How much does it cost?Answer
  3. What courses do you tutor?Answer
  4. What if I need help in a course you don't tutor?Answer
  5. Who are the CFAA’s tutors?Answer
  6. What are your services?Answer
  7. What information should students know before making an appointment to see a tutor?Answer
  8. Can people who are not ETSU students receive tutoring assistance?Answer
  9. Can University High School or other local school students receive tutoring at the CFAA?Answer
  10. Can we tutor high school students who are dual-enrolled in ETSU courses?Answer
  11. When are tutoring and other services available?Answer
  12. Are appointments required?Answer
  13. How does a client request a tutor or register for other services?Answer
  14. How do clients schedule appointments?Answer
  15. How far in advance do appointment have to be made?Answer
  16. Can clients cancel or re-schedule appointments?Answer
  17. What happens when a client doesn’t show?Answer
  18. What if a client is late?Answer
  19. Do clients with appointments have priority over walk-ins?Answer
  20. How long are individual tutoring sessions?Answer

Who do you tutor?

Tutoring resources are available to all ETSU students, faculty, and staff. 

How much does it cost?

Tutoring is FREE for all currently-enrolled ETSU students, faculty, and staff.

What courses do you tutor?

The Center employs tutors capable of tutoring in three broad academic areas--writing, mathematics, and the natural sciences--along with most general education courses. In addition, our staff members can tutor any course that they have earned a B+ or better in and that they feel comfortable and capable tutoring.

What if I need help in a course you don't tutor?

If we are unable to provide a tutor for a course you need help with, several options are available. 

Some academic departments offer tutoring services. Please contact department for the course you need assistance with to find out if tutoring services are available. 

Students eligible for TRIO programs can enroll in tutoring through Student Support Services (SSS). Find out more about Student Support Services and your eligibility here

If you can find 3 additional students in your class who will commit to attending tutoring sessions, we will attempt to identify and hire a tutor specifically for that class.

Lastly, private (paid) tutoring is available at Tutor Matching Service (TMS). Many former and current CFAA tutors create profiles on TMS. Tutors who have completed training through the CFAA will have an ETSU "Certified" badge on their profile. If you are interested tutoring services available on TMS, you will be responsible for paying tutors.

Who are the CFAA’s tutors?

The Center mainly employs tutors capable of tutoring in three broad academic areas—writing, mathematics, and the natural sciences—and most general education courses.

These tutors are undergraduates, graduates, and professional tutors, from a variety of majors and backgrounds. All of them participate in general tutoring training as well as ongoing professional development in their discipline.

What are your services?

We offer a variety of services to suit the learning needs of ETSU's diverse student population. These include Individual Tutoring, Facilitated Study Tables, Supplemental Instruction, Online Tutoring, and the English Table.

Individual Tutoring: Individual tutoring is available on a walk-in and appointment basis. Walk-ins are accepted if appropriate staff members are available. Individual tutoring is available in the broad areas of mathmatics, writing, and natural sciences, along with most general education courses. The CFAA uses a web-based tutoring schedule so students may easily set and modify their own appointments. 

Supplemental Instruction: SI is a structured study group designed to help students achieve success in "historically difficult" courses: those courses with consistently high rates of D's, F's, and W's (Withdrawals). The SI sessions are free and open to all students enrolled in the supported courses. A trained SI leader will facilitate three hour-long sessions per week, focusing on difficult course content and engaging students using active learning strategies. Weekly SI sessions serve to reinforce course material, clarify confusing concepts, and approach course material from a fun and engaging perspective.

Online Tutoring: Students living off-campus or taking courses online can make an online writing appointment with a tutor anytime during our regular operating hours by selecting Writing-Online under the "limits" on the CFAA's online schedule. The CFAA also has explanatory YouTube videos on common questions from math, writing, and natural science courses.

What information should students know before making an appointment to see a tutor?

The following information is part of the "tutoring contract" that students agree to when accepting our assistance:

  1. The tutor will not do my work for me. The tutor's job is to assist me in mastering course material and developing my skills by providing examples, asking questions, pointing out areas for improvement, engaging in a dialogue about my subject matter, and/or discussing study strategies and techniques.
  2. The tutor is not responsible for my grade; the tutor is also not able to forecast the grade my instructor will give me.
  3. While I may request a specific tutor, I am not guaranteed to be able to work with him or her every time.
  4. Even when I have booked an individual appointment, my appointment may be combined with that of another student if we are working on the same subject matter and additional tutors are not available.
  5. I will come to my session adequately prepared, with necessary materials, and take an active role in the session.
  6. My tutoring session will last no longer than the scheduled time and may be shortened to accommodate students with appointments if no other staff members are available.
  7. Learning is a process that takes time and consists of numerous stages. In order to make the best use of the CFAA’s tutoring services, I should visit early and often.
  8. I am aware that I am limited to one tutoring session per subject per day.
  9. If I schedule an appointment, it is my responsibility to call and cancel or re-schedule if I can’t make it; after two missed appointments, I will no longer be permitted to make appointments during that term.
  10. I will evaluate each session I participate in, online or on paper, to provide the CFAA with necessary feedback for improving tutoring services.

Can people who are not ETSU students receive tutoring assistance?

Tutoring assistance is available to ETSU students, faculty, and staff only.

Currently, we partner with Tutor Matching Service to provide community members with information regarding paid private tutoring. Tutoring contracted through TMS is not under the authority or supervision of the CFAA or any unit of ETSU; we do, however, permit TMS private tutors who have completed the CFAA's tutor training program to display the "ETSU Certified" badge.

Can University High School or other local school students receive tutoring at the CFAA?

No, but they can contract with paid private tutors through Tutor Matching Service.

Can we tutor high school students who are dual-enrolled in ETSU courses?

Yes. Dual-enrolled students are treated the same as any other ETSU students.

When are tutoring and other services available?

Tutoring services for the fall semester will be available starting on Tuesday, September 4.

Are appointments required?

Appointments are strongly encouraged for individual tutoring. Although it is often possible to walk-in and get an appointment immediately, especially near the beginning of the term, students with advance appointments have priority. You can make an appointment by registering for access to our online schedule here.

Supplemental Instruction does not require advance appointments; the drop-in schedules are posted on the Supplemental Instruction page (and on PlanIt ETSU) and updated regularly.

How does a client request a tutor or register for other services?

Registration via WCOnline ( is required for all services that require scheduling; the only exceptions are exclusively drop-in services, such as Supplemental Instruction, and Facilitated Study Tables, English Table. Any student who has registered can request a tutor.

How do clients schedule appointments?

Clients can call the Center (439-7111) to make an appointment or, if they have already registered, make their own appointments online at

How far in advance do appointment have to be made?

Clients can call the Center (439-7111) to make an appointment at any time for any day/time during the current term. Clients making their own appointments online, however, are prohibited from making appointments more than two weeks in advance; they are also prohibited from making “last minute” appointments (i.e. appointments within one hour of the current time) or back-to-back appointments.

Can clients cancel or re-schedule appointments?

Clients can cancel or reschedule their appointments online up to 1 hour before the appointment is scheduled. If they want to cancel or reschedule less than 1 hour before the appointment, they will be blocked from altering the appointment online and prompted to call the Center to cancel the appointment. This is so that the Front Desk staff is made aware that an appointment time has opened up. Call 439-7111 to cancel or reschedule an appointment.

What happens when a client doesn’t show?

Clients who are 10 minutes later are considered "no shows" and their Client Reports are marked accordingly. They are then sent an email warning them that after two no-shows in one semester their account will be locked and they will be unable to make any new appointments; this may be appealed, in person, to the CFAA Director or his designee only.

What if a client is late?

If a client is running late, the tutor will remain available for 10 minutes before they are reassigned to a waiting client. Session time cannot be made up – the session will still end at the appointed time.

Do clients with appointments have priority over walk-ins?

Students with appointments are our first priority. However, we will make every effort to take walk-ins.

How long are individual tutoring sessions?

Appointments are scheduled in hour-long blocks, but sessions are limited to 45-50 minutes. The additional 10 minutes is necessary so that our tutors can submit Client Reports and have a short break between sessions.

For further questions, visit our front desk located on the first floor of Sherrod Library, call us at (423) 439-7111, or email us at

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