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Center for Academic Achievement

CFAA - Tutoring

Supplemental Instruction (SI)

The last day of regularly scheduled SI sessions for fall 2019 is Friday, December 6th.

Check your email or with your SI leaders for days, times, and locations of any extra finals review sessions.

The CFAA will reopen for the spring semester on Monday, January 27th.

SI is a structured study group designed to help students achieve success in "historically difficult" courses: those with consistently high rates of D's, F's, and/or Withdrawals. SI sessions are FREE and open to all students enrolled in the supported courses. A trained SI leader will facilitate three hour-long sessions per week, focusing on difficult course content.These sessions serve to reinforce course material, clarify confusing concepts, and approach the information from a fun and engaging perspective.

SI offered during Fall and Spring semesters for: 

  • BIOL 1110 & 1120: Biology I and II for Majors
  • CHEM 1110 & 1120: General Chemistry I and II
  • HSCI 2010 & 2020: Anatomy & Physiology I and II
  • Some sections of MATH 1530: Prob and Stats
  • Some sections of PHYS 2010: General Physics I

Why SI?

Students who have attended SI at ETSU typically earn a final grade that is a full letter grade higher than those who did not attend.  Attending SI regularly is a fantastic way to study, increase your understanding of complex material, and review for exams. The small group environment allows you to work at a slower pace and ask quesitons.

Who are SI Leaders?

SI leaders are students who have taken the course and performed well. They must possess strong leadership and interpersonal skills, as well as demonstrate a vested interest in supporting student success. SI leaders are tasked with helping students think more deeply about the instructor's lectures and the readings covered in the course, and using innovative and engaging strategies to improve students' understanding of complex and challenging concepts.

Meet the Fall 2019 SI Leaders

BIOL 1110 - Biology I for Majors
Bri with doggy


Major: Health Sciences with a concentration in Microbiology

Fun Fact(s): My middle fingers are crooked.

Special Achievement(s): BEST mentor, former President of Volunteer ETSU (2017-2018), and recipient of the Beulah Davis Outstanding Freshman Writer Award (RSCC in 2015)


Corey and statue


Major: Biology

Future Goal(s): To become a Neurosurgeon 

Fun Fact(s): Came into college from high school as a junior.

My SI sessions are informative and relaxed


Noah and ship painting


Major: Biology with a concentration in Biochemistry

Future Goal(s): To become an Oncologist
My SI sessions are relaxed, peer lead sessions focused around lecture review with an emphasis on exam preparation and an environment that encourages students to ask and think through their own questions.
BIOL 1120 - Biology II for Majors
Dalton and doggy


Major: Biology with a minor in Leadership

Future goal(s): To become a pediatric neurologist. I have had my own neurological issues growing up and through those struggles I hope to help others.

Fun Fact(s): Loves to travel, Avid snowboarder, kayaker, hiker, and car enthusiast.


janit si


Major(s): Biology and Health Sciences 

Special Achievement(s): Biology Honors-in-Discipline, Animal Health Sciences Student Organization (AHSSO) treasurer 2017-2018.

Fun Fact(s): I was a zookeeper last summer and got to play with lemurs, giraffes, and snakes all day!

CHEM 1110 - General Chemistry I
ethan si


Major: Public Health  with a concentration in Healthcare Administration and Policy, with minors in Global Health and Development and Culture and Health,  on a premed track. 

Future Goal(s): I hope to one day have a career as a trauma surgeon and be able to save lives. 

Extracurricular Activities: I like to hike, kayak, and spend time with my friends. 


Haley si


Major: Chemistry with a Pre-Pharmacy track

My SI sessions are focused on interactive problem solving that involves everyone to solve the problem.

Fun Fact(s): I am almost completely deaf in my left ear.


kylee si


Major: English major and Biology minor on a Pre-Med track

Future Goal(s): My career goal is to be a pediatrician in a rural, underserved area. I also plan to thru-hike the Pacific Crest Trail during a gap before medical school!

Fun Fact(s): I’m a firefighter! Being a first responder is something that continually challenges me.


mary si


Major: Chemistry

Future Goal(s): To have a job in R&D and own every Salman Rushdie book.

My sessions are modeled as an open-floor conversation to solve problems and better understand chemistry.

Fun Fact(s): I've actually slipped on a banana peel before and it was terrifying!


zach si


Major: Physical Therapy (Will begin DPT studies in January 2020)

Future Goal(s): To become a phsical therapist

Fun Fact(s): I have been to all 50 states.

Extracurricular Activities: Intramural sports

CHEM 1120 - General Chemistry II
alexis si


Major: Chemistry

My sessions tend to focus on working out a variety of problems seen throughout the course since General Chemistry is so problem-solving intensive.

Fun Fact(s): I enjoy cooking, reading, and cross-stitching.


caylee si


Major: Communication Studies with minors in Psychology and Public Health 

Future Goal(s): I want to train doctors in effective ways to communicate illness to patients.

My sessions provide problem solving skills imperative to chemistry in the least painful way possible.

HSCI 2010 - Anatomy & Physiology I 

abigail si


Major: Nursing

Future Goal(s): I want to graduate with my BSN degree and become a RN. After undergrad, I want to become a Nurse Anesthetist.

Fun Fact(s): I studied abroad last summer in Greece!

Extracurricular Activities: I enjoy playing soccer, tennis, traveling to new places, and being outdoors.



anna si


Major: Rehabilitative Science with minor in Clinical Exercise Science and a pre-PT concentration

Future Goal(s): To attend ETSU’s PT school for a doctorate in physical therapy before attending a residency to specialize in neurologic physical therapy.

Fun Fact(s): To attend ETSU’s PT school for a doctorate in physical therapy before attending a residency to specialize in neurologic physical therapy.


hannah si


Major: HID nutrition with a minor in communicative disorders

Future Goal(s): To become a speech language pathologist.

Extracurricular Activities: I love to cook, read, and do crafts. 

Fun Fact(s): I just got married in May!

HSCI 2020 - Anatomy & Physiology II
chloe si


Degree: B.S. in Psychology

Future Goal(s): To become a psychiatrist and continue with my research.

Fun Fact(s): I’m a jam band concert fanatic and I work in a neuroscience lab doing addiction research.

Extracurricular Activities: Reading, hula hooping, and traveling.


MATH 1530 - Probablity & Statistics
delaney si


Major: Health Sciences with a concentration in Microbiology

Future Goal(s): To become an Epidemiologist at the CDC 

Fun Fact(s): I love to bake cupcakes!

Extracurricular Activities: Working at G2K Games and volunteering at Mountain Empire Comics.


gray si


Major: Business

Future Goal(s): Dentistry

Fun Fact(s): I am double jointed in my arms.

Extracurricular Activities: Ballroom dancing, Harp, Percussion


john david si

John David

Major: Health Sciences with a concentration in Microbiology on a Pre-Med Track

Fun Fact(s): I’ve been to 12 countries, I can speak Spanish, I can do a headstand, and I make really good chocolate chip cookies. 

Extracurricular Activities: Vice President of Timmy Global Health, coffee fanatic, photographer, yoga practitioner, wannabe pro traveler, record collector.


zach si


Major: Physical Therapy (Will begin DPT studies in January 2020)

Future Goal(s): To become a phsical therapist

Fun Fact(s): I have been to all 50 states.

Extracurricular Activities: Intramural sports

PHYS 2010 - General Physics I
austin si


Major: Exercise Science

Future Goal(s): I'd like to be a Physical Therapist that is able to advance the field through my research.

Extracurricular Activities: Intramural sports, working out, and sleeping in.

Fun Fact: I cut my own hair; so if it's ever not looking up to par, cut me some slack!


daniel si


Major: Health Sciences with a concentration in Microbiology

Fun Fact(s): I have been known to apologize for how unphotogenic I think I am.

Extracurricular Activities: Competitive weightlifting

SI Schedules for Fall 2019

Anatomy & Physiology


General Chemistry


Probability & Statistics



What do students like about SI?

"I like that the SI leaders sit in on lectures that way they can relate their lessons directly from what is being taught in lecture."

"The atmosphere."

  "Being able to ask questions I would not be able to ask in class, and having someone to help review material and understand how to look at questions in a different way."

"They make content interesting."

"They (sessions) are at multiple times to increase the chance that I attend. The SIs are always ready to help even at times when they are not in a meeting. I have been able to get more out of the course with the help of my SI leaders."

 "The ability to interact with other students from my class."

"When we worked together in groups and everyone explained their confusion, we were able to help out one another."



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