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University Governance

East Tennessee State University

ETSU Army ROTC Standing Committee
Reports to: President
  • Advise the President on matters related to the successful continuation of Army ROTC at ETSU.
  • Receive regular updates on the status of the ETSU Army ROTC Program; maintain dialogue with the Professor of Military Science regarding Program challenges and other issues.
  • Assist (as appropriate) in coordinating internal and external support for the Army ROTC Program - as related to the successful accomplishment of Army-directed missions and other metrics.
  • Encourage and facilitate outreach to organizations with existing or potential linkages to Army ROTC – both ETSU-internal and external.
  • Facilitate open lines of communication between the Army ROTC Program and ETSU administrators, faculty, staff, and students.
  • Attend, as appropriate, ROTC-related University and community events; encourage others on campus to do the same.
Status Membership Structure Name
Voting members; all terms indefinite Chair (appointed by the President) LTC (Ret) Scott Jeffress
Executive Assistant to the President for Community and Government Relations (or designated rep) Ms. Bridget Baird
Executive Assistant to the President for University Relations (or designated rep) Ms. Amanda Morrell (designee)
Executive Director, ETSU National Alumni Association (or designated rep) Dr. Bob Plummer
Dean, College of Business & Technology (or designated rep) Mr. Tim Dills (designee)
Chair of the Veterans Affairs Standing Committee (or designated rep) Dr. Tom Donohoe
One (1) Faculty member (at large; appointed by the Faculty Senate) Dr. Mike Smith
Director of Institutional Research (or designated rep) Dr. Michael Hoff
Ex-officio; non-voting Professor of Military Science LTC Shawn Dodge

Updated 25 January 2019

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