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University Governance

East Tennessee State University

Chair's Duties

Obtain from the previous chair the records of the governance organization, become familiar with the responsibilities of the governance organization, and apprise other governance organization members of these responsibilities.

Arrange for meeting times and places, prepare agenda, and call meetings of the governance organization.

Obtain information and expertise for the governance organization so the duties of the governance organization can be efficiently carried out and recommendations of import and substance can be generated.

Forward all governance organization recommendations to the administrative official(s) or organization reported to by the governance organization.

Prepare or supervise the preparation of an annual report/executive summary of the activities and recommendations of the governance organization and forward one copy of the report to the official(s) to whom the governance organization reports and to each of the following:

-- the Committee on Committees of the Faculty Senate;
-- the Committee on Committees of the Staff Senate;
-- the Student Government Association; and
-- the Office of the President.

Two copies should be forwarded to the Assistant Director of Libraries for Reader Services, Box 70665.

Maintain a file that includes:

  • a statement of the function of the governance organization;
  • the minutes of each governance organization meeting;
  • the annual report of the governance organization;
  • documents, correspondence, and other information that might be of continuing value to the governance organization.

Forward governance organization records to the new governance organization chair when a new governance organization chair is determined.

Report vacancies in governance organization membership to the official to whom the governance organization reports within two weeks of the occurrence of the vacancy (also see Vacancies). If circumstances prevent the chair from reporting a vacancy, other governance organization members are charged with designating one governance organization member to report the vacancy. The official to whom the governance organization reports must petition the appropriate nominating body for a nomination(s) to fill the vacancy. Nomination(s) to fill this vacancy are returned to the official to whom the governance organization reports for selection. The name of the person chosen to fill the vacancy should then be forwarded to the President's Office, Box 70734.

Secure and submit to the Office of Human Resources, Box 70564, a completed and signed volunteer form for each governance organization member who is not an ETSU employee (i.e., students, alumni, retirees, community representatives).
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