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University Governance

East Tennessee State University

All governance organizations are expected to keep minutes.

Because the minutes will be bound and will become a part of the permanent records of the University, it is desirable that all minutes should follow an established form:

MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF THE (full title of governance organization) at the top of the sheet followed by:

1. the date, hour, and place of meeting;

2. list of members present;

3. list of members absent;

4. list of others in attendance;

5. minutes of the meeting broken into numbered paragraphs; and

6. the name of the chair and the signature either of the chair or the secretary of the governance organization

Copies should be provided to each governance organization member, to the University official(s) or organization reported to by the governance organization, and the original and one copy to the Assistant Director of Libraries for Reader Services, University Library, Box 70665, with one placed on file at the Information Desk and one placed in the Archives.

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