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University School


United States History

2012-2013 Syllabus

Mrs. Bragg

Course Description

In United States History, students study the history of the United States Reconstruction to the present. The six social studies standards of essential content knowledge and four process skills are integrated for instructional purposes. Students will utilize different methods that historians use to interpret the past, including points of view and historical context.


Grading system

I do not use weighted grades. I assign points according to the importance of each assignment. For example, all tests are worth 100 points, homework assignment can range from 10-40 points, projects may be worth 50-75 points, etc. This may seem confusing when trying to average your grades, but it clearly shows how important each assignment is to your final grade for the class.



I will assign types of assignments during the year that encourage analytical examination of the time period we are studying.

All assignments for the class will be posted each week on this website.

You will be able to access your grades on This will be updated weekly. It is very important that you check mygradebook on a regular basis. Sometimes I make a mistake and need help to catch these types of unfortunate incidents. All students should be able to get their mygradebook passwords from Ms. Day.


Code of conduct

During our class discussions showing disrespect to classmates will not be tolerated. At times we will be discussing controversial topics that will require a level of respect for all persons. I have no problem giving conduct slips or meeting with parents if your behavior is an issue.


Late policy

You have as much time to make-up work as time you were out of class to receive full credit. The next day is the last day I will accept work, giving you a maximum of 70%.


Extra Credit

You may attend any ETSU events or lectures that are related to history (most anything is!) and receive extra credit. University School has the unique advantage of being located on a university campus. Information regarding upcoming events can be found at the ETSU homepage. You must bring proof of attendance and discuss your experience with the class to receive extra credit. The amount of points you receive for extra credit will reflect how much time and effort you sacrificed to attend the event.


Classroom Materials

All students should come prepared with a pen or pencil, 3-ring binder, notebook paper, and textbook. I also highly encourage you to buy a small dictionary and bring it with you to class. On a regular basis I will ask the class what the definition of a word is, and if no one knows I will expect someone to look it up for the class. I usually reward the student who can look this up the fastest!


I understand if you forget to bring any of the above every once in a while, but if you regularly come to class without the necessary materials you will be given a warning and then a conduct slip. We have so many exciting things planned for this year and cannot afford to waste class time in this way.


I would also request that you bring in 1 of the following to help stock our class "Opps! I forgot.." supplies: notebook paper, mechanical pencils, or blue/black pens. These will be kept in the room for those students who every once in a while forgets to bring all materials to class.


Handbook Policy



Online Textbook

You can access your textbook online. You need a code to set this up. I will give this to you soon. Please utilize this benefit! There are a variety of review materials online that could be highly useful during your review for tests and quizzes.


Reading the Textbook

You must read the textbook. You must not only read the textbook, but ACTIVELY read. Failing a test because you "read the whole chapter but don't remember most of it" is not acceptable. Reading is a skill, not a gift bestowed upon you from above. Therefore you can always improve your reading ability. In order to be successful in high school, college, and life you must be able to recall information you have read. We will learn various strategies to help you become a better reader. Be prepared to read at least 15 minutes most nights for this class!


End of Course Exam (EOC)

All students must pass the U.S. History End of Course (EOC) exam in order to graduate. This exam will take place in May 2013. All questions on the EOC will come from the TN State Standards. This is why our focus will be the standards, not necessarily the textbook. The standards can be seen at the below website:

Standard Focus

Our study of U.S. History will focus around the TN state standards. This is because the End of Course (EOC) Exam will assess how well you understand the state standards. This just means that we will not be covering all the material in the textbook. The state standards are merely an outline of what you should have learned by the end of this class. These standards are categorized in chronological order. This order breaks down U.S. History into various "eras".

Please visit this website: to view all the standards that we will address in this class. Below are the simple topic headings for each era:


Era 6: Industrial Development of the United States (1870-1900)

Era 7: Emergence of Modern America (1890-1930)

Era 8: The Great Depression and World War II (1929-1945)

Era 9: Post World War II Era (1945-1970s)

Era 10: The Contemporary United States 1968-present


Mrs. Bragg's Classroom Mission Statement


It is my mission to bestow a love for learning upon my students.  I attempt to teach with a passion for my subject so that my students develop a desire to become life-long learners.  Recognizing students as individuals by placing values on their cultures will play an important role in this mission so that the class can come to an understanding of each other. Once a classroom environment that is based on empathy and tolerance is acquired, I feel that true learning can take place. This includes life skills as well as the academic curriculum.




I have read and understand the above syllabus.


I agree to abide by all rules and strive to succeed in Mrs. Bragg's class.




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