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University School


CHEMISTRY   Syllabus    INSTRUCTOR:  Mahua Chakraborty



Goals: The Chemistry course is designed like an Honors chemistry class to give a general instruction to chemical concepts and applying these concepts.

To provide sufficient information for a student to continue chemistry instruction at a college level.

To help clear many chemical concepts through hands on experiments and critical thinking labs.


Text Book:   CHEMISTRY by Wilbraham, Staley, Matta, Waterman. We will have New Text Books this year. However we will be continuing with old books for some time before the textbooks arrive.  You are required to bring books in the class daily except on testing days.          

Content:  Main Topics that will be covered include:

1st nine weeks: Start with conversions

  • Matter and Change
  • Scientific measurement
  • Atomic Structure
  • Electrons in Atom
  • The Periodic Table


2nd nine weeks

  • Ionic and metallic Bonding
  • Covalent Bonding
  • Chemical names and Formulas
  • Chemical Quantities.


3rd nine weeks

  • Chemical Reactions.
  • Stoichiometry
  • Behavior of gases
  • Solutions


4th nine weeks

  • Thermochemistry
  • Reaction Rates and Equilibrium.
  • Acids, Bases and Salts


 Your success in this course will directly reflect on the amount of time and effort you put into it. 

Here are some suggestions that may help you:


  1. Come to class daily
  2. Participate actively and ask questions in the class.
  3. Keep notes about demonstrations and examples presented in the class.
  4. Keep up with your work.
  5. Be open to variety of learning styles and activities.
  6. Attend Help labs as and when needed, without waiting to show up just before tests.


            Materials: Please bring the following to the class daily:

  • Blue/Black pen, #2 pencil, and a ruler
  • Scientific calculator/ TI 84 (Very important and bring to class daily)
  • Flash drive
  • A notebook/ or a binder for taking note. Taking down notes on loose sheet of paper is NOT ACCEPTABLE.
  • Textbook
  • Chemistry lab notebook when indicated.


Class Prerequisites:  Since Chemistry involves lot of mathematics it is important that you are currently enrolled in or have already passed Algebra II.  Please talk to me personally if you have not met this requirement.

 Tests: You will have tests /quizzes on Mon or Thursdays.

Class Behavior:  KEY word is RESPECT


  • Students are expected to speak with respect to and with the teacher and their fellow students.
  • No eating, drinking, or chewing gum in the class. Before entering the class, make sure you trash your drink or spit out your gum.  Only a bottle of water is allowed in the class as well as the lab.
  • Students are expected NOT to bring any games, throw things, and tamper with equipment in the classroom or the lab.
  • Students are expected to sit in their assigned seats and PAY FULL ATTENTION in the class.


 Homework:  Homework will be assigned frequently. Chemistry requires repetition in order to master difficult concepts and develop necessary problem solving skills.


  • It should not take you more than 30-40 minutes.
  • HW will be checked before class starts.
  • For problems make sure you show the calculations.
  • HW should not be done in red ink.
  • Late HW is accepted with a late grade.


Grading:  Students will be graded on quizzes, exams, homework, and lab work.  Please go online to check the grading policy.


Extra Assistance:    Students can come to me during the help labs on designated days M/W/Th at 12.30pm.

 Absences:    If you are absent, be sure to have a classmate pick up all papers and assignments for you. 

If you are sick for more than one day, have a classmate or a parent bring assignments to you. Labs will be pre announced. Lab absences will result in a zero grade unless student is seriously sick or an emergency in the family. This excuse must be followed with an excuse note from the doctor’s office. Each day in chemistry is dependent on understanding the previous day’s work.  Daily attendance is essential. Pre announced tests and quizzes must be made up on the day that the student returns.


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