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CLASS PROJECTS and DELIVERY POLICY:  During each term I will assign art projects in various media (drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, and digital). Each student is responsible for completing projects and storing them in portfolios (provided here and kept in the room). I will assign approximately ten major pieces each nine-week period in addition to in-class exercises. These projects are due the last week of each term unless otherwise stated. I will allow you extended time to make improvements and to take work home if you need to finish a project to the best of your ability.

HOMEWORK and MAKEUP WORK: We will discuss and look at artworks, artists, and art movements throughout the year. I may give occasional homework assignments covering this information in the form of drawings or writing. I may also ask you to bring visual reference materials to class. Homework is due the date assigned. Please refer to the student handbook for make-up work policy due to absences.

PARTICIPATION and ATTENDANCE: Daily effort, class participation, and attendance are keys to progress. When I introduce a new project or technique, I will begin with a demonstration and will show visual samples. I encourage each student to do his or her best each day.

GRADING: I will report projects and class work each term according to the following point scale on

                Class Projects                                                                     100 points each major project

                Class Participation                                                             100 points total each grading period

Semester Exam                                                                                 100 points that grading period

Portfolio projects will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

1)      Effort:

        Put forth your best effort to complete the assignments as presented in a timely manner.

        Explore the assignments thoroughly, thoughtfully, and creatively.

2)      Craftsmanship:

        Handle art materials correctly and responsibly.

        Present final projects in a professional manner (neat, clean, wrinkle-free).

3)      Meet Assignment Objectives:

        Complete each project according to instruction to meet goals and objectives.

        Demonstrate an understanding of the assignment.


Your art fee will be used to purchase the many materials we use throughout the year, including paint, clay, drawing and printmaking supplies, papers, etc. In addition, each student is responsible for having the following materials each day (may be stored in your portfolio):

        #2 pencil

        Note pad

        Sketchbook for Art 2 and 3 students

        Jump drive for Art 4 students


All students are responsible for cleaning their work areas and returning any materials used during class to the appropriate storage places. Your help with this is very important so that we may keep the art room and materials well maintained throughout the year. If any student intentionally breaks an item, he or she will be responsible for replacing it. Also, if a student mistreats or defaces the work of a classmate, a discipline referral will be issued and the student will receive a letter grade deduction on the current project.


Please be aware of our school policies regarding appropriate internet use. At no time are the art room computers to be used for personal entertainment, downloads, or for email communications. Disregard of this policy may result in loss of computer privileges. In addition, these computers are not to be used for completing or printing homework for another class.

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