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University School


Advanced Algebra Syllabus

Kimberly Summey – Instructor


Goal:  To help each student reach his/her highest potential in Advanced Algebra.


Text:   Algebra and Trigonometry, by Larson, published by Cengage Learning


Topics of Study:


  • Polynomials/Polynomial Functions • Quadratic Relations/Conic Sections
  • Powers, Roots, and Radicals             • Trigonometric Ratios/Functions
  • Exponential and logarithmic Functions • Trig. Graphs and Equations
  • Rational Equations and Functions             • Probability & Statistics


Materials:      A notebook dedicated to Advanced Algebra

                        A pencil and eraser (for assignments)

                        A pen (for grading only)

                        Paper (Notebook paper and graph paper)




**We will use TI-84 Plus calculators in class.  The TI-84 Plus calculator is currently approved for use on the End of Course mathematics tests in Tennessee as well as the ACT Exam.  Students benefit from consistently using a familiar calculator.  Calculators will be used on some assessments.  If you already have a graphing calculator other than a TI-84 that you prefer to use, it will be your responsibility to learn the appropriate key strokes. 



Grading:        All assignments will be assigned a point value.  Grades will be calculated by finding the percentages of points earned out of the total possible points.

Final Grades:   Final grades will be calculated as follows:

Final Grade:    1st Semester 50 %

   2nd Semester 50 %

1st Semester Grade:  1st Quarter 45 %

     2nd Quarter 45 %

     1st Semester Exam 10 %

2nd Semester Grade:  3rd Quarter 45 %

      4th Quarter 45 %

      2nd Semester Exam 10 %






Homework:   Homework will be assigned regularly.  Students are expected to attempt all assigned problems and ask questions about homework as it is discussed in class.  Homework, along with the list of objectives for each section, should serve as a study guide for quizzes. Quizzes should serve as a study guide to tests. Tests should serve as a study guide for Quarter and Semester Exams.


Extra Assistance:      Mrs. Summey is available in the math lab three days per week (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday).  Students are encouraged to attend the math lab, as needed.  The schedule for the lab is posted at the front of Mrs. Summey’s classroom near the door. If Mrs. Summey is absent, the math lab will be closed.      



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