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Academic Health Sciences Center

Academic Health Sciences Center
  • Academic Health Sciences Centers
  • The goal is to have people with diverse backgrounds working together on research Dr. Williams
  • We want to educate students in a way that no matter which hhealty field they are in they will understand their own role as well as the roles of other health professionals involved in someones treatment. Dr Bishop
  • Working together we can accomplish much more than working separately.  essentials course
  • Everyone was able to voice their opinion and everyones opinions were taken seriously across the different professions. essentials course
  • This is so unique. Pharmacists and public health researchers have come together at ETSU and brought all of their expertise to the table. Dr Sevak

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 What is the Academic Health Sciences Center?

East Tennessee State University’s Academic Health Sciences Center is one of less than 100 such facilities in the country. It offers a robust combination of health sciences programs and patient-care facilities that operate outside of silos to provide a truly interprofessional experience.

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