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Graduate Certificate in Appalachian Studies

Department of Appalachian Services


APST 5150 - Seminar in Appalachia and Religion (3 credits)
This seminar will look in depth at one aspect of religion in Appalachia. The topic may vary from year to year. Possible topics include missionaries and missionary schools in Appalachia, the sacred music of Appalachia, the nineteenth-century camp meeting movement, religion and literature in Appalachia, and the sociology of minority religion in Appalachia.

APST 5180 - Seminar in Art and Appalachia (3-6 credits)
This seminar provides an in-depth study of some aspects of art in Appalachia. The topic may change from year to year.

APST 5237 - Scots-Irish in Appalachia (3-6 credits)
This course will examine the contribution of the Scots-Irish and Scots to Appalachian culture.

APST 5250 - Readings in Appalachian Studies- (3 credits)
The purpose of this course is to survey the major writings central to the region, to analyze their importance to and influence on the development of Appalachian studies, and to serve as the foundation for advanced graduate study in Appalachian studies.

APST 5260 - Contemporary Appalachia and Globalism (3 credits)
This course examines contemporary Appalachia in the context of the global community. Topics include the extractive industries, agriculture, health care, and sustainable development.

APST 5337 - Appalachia in Scotland (3-6 credits)
This course will survey the relationship among Appalachian, Scottish, and Irish cultures, with an emphasis on Scotland and Ireland.

APST 5670 - Ethnomusicology and Appalachia (3 credits)
This course balances a survey of methodological and theoretical issues in ethnomusicology with a survey of ethnomusicological literature related to the Appalachian region. In addition, this course provides an introduction to past and present musical cultures in Appalachia and gives students opportunities to apply basic methods and theories of ethnomusicology in an Appalachian context.

APST 5690 - Documenting Community Traditions (3 credits)
This crossdisciplinary seminar involves fieldwork in Appalachian communities seeking cultural or economic sustainability through the development of their traditional and contemporary assets.

APST 5907 - Foodways of Appalachia (3 credits)
Traditional and developing food cultures of the Mountain South. Topics include: the historical roots of Appalachian cookery; food and class in Appalachia; Native American and African influences on mountain cuisine; immigrant cooking in the mountains; the rituals of the mountain table; the products of the land and larder; traditional food preservation techniques and beliefs; and the emergence and viability of sustainable agriculture and aquaculture.

APST 5957 - Special Topics in Appalachian Studies (1-3 credits)
The Special Topics course is designed for special interest subjects that are not covered elsewhere in the curriculum. May be repeated when the topic changes.

BLUE 5147 - Bluegrass and America's Music (3 credits)
The musical and commercial interaction between bluegrass and American folk music, jazz, pop, gospel, blues, rock, and classical traditions.

BLUE 5257 - Band Leadership Skills (4 credits)
Prerequisites: By permission only. An experiential course that helps students develop band leadership skills through collective and individual study and practical experience.

BLUE 5410 - Individual Instrumental Instruction (1-3 credits)
A flexibly designed course of study under an experienced musician. It provides an opportunity for the student to build upon intermediate or advanced skills and to develop musically on the path to reaching his or her full potential as an instrumentalist. Can be repeated.

BLUE 5510 - Graduate Ensemble (1-3 credits)
A flexibly designed course of study under the direction of an experienced musician and band leader with focus on ensemble performance. Can be repeated.

BLUE 5900 - Independent Study (1-3 credits)
Directed study in an area, not provided for in course offerings, for which the student has special interest and adequate preparation. By permission of the director.

BLUE 5957 - Special Topics (1-6 credits)
Selected topics in Bluegrass, Old Time, and Country Music. By permission of the director. Can be repeated for credit when content changes.

ENGL 5060 - Literature of Southern Appalachia (3 credits)
Selected writings of outstanding regional authors.

ENGL 5137 - Dialectology (3 credits)
Prerequisites: Either ENGL 3100 or 4120. Study of regional and social language variation, including dialect geography and sociolinguistics. Emphasis on linguistic features of Appalachian dialects.

ENGL 5217 - Irish/Scottish Literature (3 credits)
Study of major writers in Irish and Scottish literature with attention to folklore and culture.

ENGL 5670 - Seminar in Folklore (when topic is Appalachian) (3 credits)
In-depth study of folklore theory, methodology, and a selected genre or topic, such as oral narrative, material culture, occupational lore, etc. Includes fieldwork. May be repeated when topic changes.

HIST 5010 - Studies in United States History (when topic is Appalachian) (3 credits)
Directed research and readings in selected topics in the history of the United States. (every semester) May be repeated.


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