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Political Science, International Affairs & Public Administration

College of Arts and Sciences

Required Courses - 12 credit hours

Each course below is 3 credit hours

PSCI 1110 Introduction to Political Science   

PSCI 1120 Introduction to American Government
     and one of the following courses:
PSCI 2210 Introduction to Comparative Politics or
PSCI 2220 Introduction to World Politics       
PSCI 3440 Research Methods

One course at or above the 3000 level in any two of the (5) sub-fields - 6 credit hours

American Politics (AP), 3 credit hours
Comparative Politics (CP), 3 credit hours
International Relations (IR), 3 credit hours
Political Theory (PT), 3 credit hours
Political Law (PL), 3 credit hours

Two courses (6 credit hours) to be select freely from the Political Science curriculum. 

Requirements for the minor in Political Science - 24 credit hours

Program Description

The International Affairs Minor is for students who would like to gain a greater appreciation for the global community and who wish to equip themselves better to perform in that community. The International Affairs minor seeks to broaden the academic perspectives of students and thereby make them sensitive to the complexities of relations and dialogues among different areas and cultures. Students completing the International Affairs minor will be better prepared to view and analyze global conditions and will be capable of creative work in the international field.

Major Requirements

The International Affairs Minor has a 21 hour credit requirement.

Major Field Core

PSCI 2210   Introduction to Comparative Politics
PSCI 2220   Introduction to World Politics
PSCI 3310   International Relations
PSCI 3440   Research Methods
PSCI 3750   International Law and Organizations

Comparative Political Systems (3 credit hours):  Students must choose one of the following:

PSCI 3010  Chinese Politics
PSCI 3800   European Politics
PSCI 3830  Government and Politics of Latin America
PSCI 3850  Politics of the Middle East
PSCI 4820  Politics of Development and Change
PSCI 3900 Government & Politics of Russia and East Europe

Issues in International Affairs (3 credit hours):  Students must choose one of the following:

PSCI  4300   International Politics
PSCI 3350   International Political Economy
PSCI 3000   Peace, Security ad Development
PSCI 4330   American Foreign Policy
ECON 4527/5527   International Economics

For more information, contact:

Dept. of Political Science, International Affairs and Public Administration
219 Rogers-Stout Hall
East Tennessee State University
Box 70651

A twenty-one (21) hour, interdisciplinary incorporating courses from the departments of Political Science, Criminal Justice, Mass Communications, Management/Marketing, and Environmental Health. The program is designed for the student interested in law and the legal system. Coursework exposure in the minor will help prepare students who wish to pursue a degree in law or who want to engage in graduate work in criminal justice, political science, or to take a paralegal certification course, following completion of their baccalaureate degree. (Please note: ETSU does not currently offer paralegal certification.)

Minor in Legal Studies

Required Courses:

PSCI 3200: Law and Judicial Process
PSCI 3230: American Constitutional Law
CJCR 2540: Criminal Law, and either,
MGMT 3310: Legal Environment of Business (see prerequisite)
ENVH 4000: Public Health Law,

Prerequisite for MGMT 3330 and MGMT 4600 included in Guided Electives.

Guided Electives (Select 9 hours from the following)

PSCI 3205: Constitution and Civil Liberties         
PSCI 3210: Due Process and Adjudication
PSCI 3220: The Supreme Court
CJCR 3650: Criminal Procedure
PHIL 3150: Philosophy of Law
ENVH 4000: Public Health Law #
MCOM 4037: Communications Law
MGMT 3310: Legal Environment of Business *#
MGMT 3330: Law of Commercial Transactions **
MGMT 4600: Personnel Law ***

#May be selected as alternative course in Required Courses
##Recommend taking before PSCI 3230
*Prerequisite for MGMT 3330 and MGMT 4600
**Prerequisite: MGMT 3310.
***Prerequisites: MGMT 3000 and 3310

Students majoring or minoring in Political Science may count one PSCI course taken for credit within the Legal Studies Minor toward
completion of the major in Political Science.

Additional information concerning the Legal Studies Minor may be obtained from:

301B Rogers-Stout Hall
Department of Political Science
P.O. Box 70651
Johnson City, TN 37614-1702
(423) 439-4217

Your questions and suggestions are welcome. Please include your e-mail address so that we can contact you directly.

Public Administration Minor (24 Credit Hours)

Required Courses:

PSCI 1120 - Introduction to American Government
PSCI 2610 - Introduction to Public Administration
PSCI 3230 - American Constitutional Law
PSCI 3710 - State and Local Government
PSCI 4730 - American Public Policy


Elective Choices
Select 9 hours from the following:

PSCI 4020 - Urban Politics
PSCI 3050 - Interest Groups in American Politics PSCI 3440 - Research Methodology
PMGT 4107 - Urban Geography and Planning
*LEAD 4467 - Leadership Theory and Practice
ECON 2210 - Principles of Macro-Economics
**ECON 4337 - Government Finance and Public Choice
FNCE 3120 - Principles of Real Estate

*Prerequisites: Successful completion of 60 credit hours.
**Prerequisites: ECON 2210 or ECON 1050


Additional information concerning the Public Administration Minor may be obtained from:

Dr. David Briley
Coordinator of Public Administration Minor
Associate Professor and Director, Master of Public Administration
(423) 439-6697

Your questions and suggestions are welcome. Please include your e-mail address so that we can contact you directly.


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