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Department of Psychology

College of Arts & Sciences

Psychology Faculty Labs

The labs listed below are currently pursuing a variety of interesting and diverse research topics. Click on the links to learn more about the work our faculty and students are doing.

Brain-Computer Interface Laboratory
Dr. Sellers 416 Rogers-Stout Hall; 439-4476

Crime, Addiction, Re-Entry (CARE) lab
Dr. Kelly Moore

Laboratory of Rural Psychological and Physical Health
Dr. Hirsch, 424 Rogers-Stout, 439-4463

Laboratory for the Study of Suicide and Reasons for Living
Dr. Ellis; 405 Rogers-Stout, 439-6658

Program for the Study of Infancy
Dr. Dixon 214 Memorial Center; 439-4034

Self & Relationships Laboratory
Dr. Blackhart; 234 COM, 439-4613

Social Issues and Relations Laboratory
Dr. Williams, 228 Rogers-Stout, 439-6693

Health Addictions Religion and Trauma (HeART) Lab
Dr. Clements, 100B & C Rogers-Stout

Associative Pharmacology
Dr. Palmatier, Brown Hall

Affect, Regulation, Coping, and Health (ARCH Lab)
Dr. Morelen, 415 Rogers-Stout

Infant Cognitive Development Lab
Dr. Chroust, 423 Rogers-Stout

Developmental Psychopathology Lab
Dr. Miller-Slough


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